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  • ToS 11.x - 13.x

    This module allowing you to attach your Terms of sale to PDF documents (invoices, propals, orders and shippings).

  • FormStyler

    A tool for developper, to help to build forms quickly.

  • Colombian electronic invoice 11.0.x - 12.0.x

    Conectar Dolibarr con la DIAN, cargar documentos, hacer las validaciones, generar los xml, enviar por correo a tus clientes y cargar la aceptación o repudio del cliente, programar los envíos a la DIAN por tipo de documento días y horas, debes realizar todos los pasos que indica el modulo para su perfecta ejecución.

  • Adminer

    Integrates Adminer into dolibarr.

  • Internal notifications

    The Internal Notifications module allows automatic sending of informations by e-mail when a user do a basic action on Third Parties, Contacts and Events/Tasks.

  • DbAdmin

    Database management tool : Allows you to view, edit, export Dolibarr database. Integrate Adminer tool into Dolibarr.

  • TakePOS Prestashop connector

    Prestashop connector for TakePOS. Watch this Video

  • myList : personalized dynamic Lists

    MyList allows the creation of custom dynamic lists from the information contained in your database reprocessed by a SQL request and to make them accessible from the menus of Dolibarr.

  • Online Chat TawkTo 6.0 - 13.0.*

    Add a chat box to communicate with a support center (using TawkTo)

  • One pass edit

    Allows you to edit in one pass all the lines of a business proposal / invoice / supplier proposal

  • Visual Query

    Integrates VisualQuery into dolibarr. For people facing page not found issue, ensure that rewrite engine is enabled on your web server.

  • PayZen

    This module allows you to use PayZen payment gateway on Dolibarr. It has the following features: - Standard payment by credit card - Automatic redirection to Dolibarr at the end of the payment - Payment by embedded fields - Payment in a pop-in - Update invoice / order after payment through Instant Payment Notification URL.

Showing 1 - 12 of 660 items