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  • TakePOS 7

    TAKEPOS is an advanced POS terminal. It is a simple and intuitive but also very powerful because it can integrate into Dolibarr.

  • TakePOS 8

    TAKEPOS is an advanced POS terminal. It is a simple and intuitive but also very powerful because it can integrate into Dolibarr.

  • Series2TakePOS (2series module required)

    Add a button to TakePOS to change the numbering series. It is necessary to have installed 2series module available in dolistore.

  • DoliSale

    I have just released the first version of DoliSale (1.0.1) it is completely free and there will always remain a free version. In the future we will add some additional features that will be delivered with a suscription but our goal is to remain as free as possible.

  • TakePOS Connector PLUS 11

    TakePOS Connector PLUS is a new printing system for TakePOS. It is based on the receipt printing library included in Dolibarr. Adding several improvements including printing from the cloud, although a local PHP installation is necessary. The installation and configuration of the module is not easy, but we send a preconfigured package for easy setup.

  • TakeOrder

    Web interface to make orders. To make orders for stores and restaurants websites. TakePOS compatible.

  • TakePOS Prestashop connector

    Prestashop connector for TakePOS. Watch this Video

  • TakePOS Cashiers 13

    Free module that allows the change cashier or waiter in TakePOS. Compatible with Axel's "User swither" module to change cashier without enter the password.

  • CategorizeAll
    25,00 €

    CategorizeAll allows the management of categories in Dolibarr. Create and apply categories (tags) to all items with just a few clicks. For customers and products, you can also categorize quantities and values for budgets, orders, and invoices. Centralizes access to Reports and Category Lists.

    25,00 €
  • PIXBrasil
    40,00 €

    The Pix Brasil Module creates a print template for Dolibarr in the pdf files of sales invoices that allows you to print the PIX for payment in all banks in Brazil. Customers can receive invoices and pay them quickly on any device that accepts PIX as payment. PIX is a model of banking interaction through QRcode that allows you to carry out banking...

    40,00 €
  • CustomizeForms
    40,00 €

    Customize Forms - create new features in 24 forms of dolibarr more of 430 standard fields and all extra fields.Hide, required, Disable, tooltip, label and make default values for fields. Create auxiliary lists of preformatted texts and phrases to easily insert into the fields.

    40,00 €
  • TakePOS Returns
    40,00 €
    TakePOS Returns

    TakePOS sales returns

    40,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items