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  • 78,00 €

    The new Theme "Light Theme", equipped with Responsive Display, allows you to change the style of your Dolibarr completely, it is suitable for all computer devices of different sizes: desktop PC, Laptop, Smartphone, tablet ... we have integrated elegant, professional colors, buttons and styles to make it easier for you to navigate your intranet.

    78,00 €
  • 144,00 €

    Goal: - reserve material (Products or articles) - Assign the material to a third party or contact - establish a simple and rigorous follow-up. - Manage the list of material awaiting recovery (number of days remaining) - Manage the list of materials by categories.

    144,00 €
  • 49,20 €

    TrackIT is a module that helps track parcels and letters sent via the french mail service Laposte. Colissimo, Chronopost etc.

    49,20 €
  • I propose another of my eldy-blue themes I propose another version of the theme eldy, this time in blue and much more successful by me. An eldy theme created by Laurent Destailleur and provided in all versions of Dolibarr.

  • 19,07 €

    Change the Favicon of Your Application Dolibarr (iconic image that represents your application)

    19,07 €
  • 180,00 €

    Module adding a tab to a project card to manage tasks via a scrum board. Included features to update easily task progress (percentage, progress, etc.) !!! New in version V2 : add / delete, rename, activate / deactivate column; sprint management; link between the task and its original object.

    180,00 €
  • 24,00 €

    Cash control with Cash closing, balancing and reports for Dolibarr. TakePOS compatible.

    24,00 €
  • 45,00 €

    This module allows you to display the number of products in one or more product categories and the average price of the product on the quotation editing screen.

    45,00 €
  • 108,00 €

    ContratPlus is a plugin which allow you to renew expire services of a contract. This plugin will automate expire services renewal, draft invoice creation after renewal, validation of this invoice and mailing of this invoice to customers. ContratPlus offers a checkbox system that allow you to choose multiple contracts to renew.

    108,00 €
  • Document model for shipments. Landscape format. Field to manually add your number of package in your shipment. Only french text available for now.

  • 199,99 €

    Process your inventory by zones with mobile application (Android, Ios), barcode scanner. Ability to add external user the time of the inventory.Easy barcode assignment management from the mobile app.

    199,99 €
  • 30,99 €

    This book is aimed at service companies executives or independent consultants. It shows them how to take full advantage of Dolibarr to better organize their business. Warning: this book is in French.

    30,99 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items