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  • Factory Free, CAM for Dolibarr

    This module is the free and limited version of the Dolibarr CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) Factory module. this version include declination and product composition

  • Timesheet (download on sourceforge)

    The module enable saving timespent on tasks in a more user friendly manner. It can also turn the saved time used on a project into reports,invoice and PDF attendance sheets favorite so the task used everyday are not among lot of other task used only once a while. The module support approval flow ( team & project) for the timesheet submitted.

  • Online Chat TawkTo 10.0.0 - 19.0.*

    Add a chat box to communicate with a support center (using TawkTo)

  • Project Management and Graphic Arts...

    Increase your company's productivity! Freshprocess (Patented project management tool) was made to meet the need for flow optimization and automation of production schedules/tasks/processes. It is perfect for the graphics industry and for any company that wants to improve its interne management of the tasks to be performed.


    The Free module "SHOW PROJECT IN CONTRACT LIST" is designed to allow the display of the project column in the list of Dolibarr contracts.

  • Project's Budget Report

    The Project's Budget Report is a convenient way to track your budget for each project.

  • Easynotes

    Note taking to help you capture and prioritize ideas and share with with your colleague. You could also see all your notes for your projects and tasks at the same place.

  • MoceanAPI SMS module for Dolibarr

    Send SMS notification, Bulk SMS, and Voice Call in Dolibarr through MoceanAPI. Get free credits upon sign up!

  • CapTodoList
    2,00 €

    TODO List based only on dolibarr objects : projects and tasks. Create a new tag of projects for your todolist and that's all.

    2,00 €
  • myClock : Time, Breadcrump, Pomodoro and Calculator
    15,00 €
    myClock : Time, Breadcrump, Pomodoro and...

    A small clock always visible in Dolibarr to keep an eye on your main box and actions of days ( interventions , tasks, events) Customizable according to your taste and needs the presence of plugin include breadcrump, pomodoro and calculator

    15,00 €
  • Force Project 10 - 19.0.*
    20,00 €
    Force Project 10 - 19.0.*

    Once this module is activated, the project become a mandatory value to validate a proposal, order and/or invoice. You decide on which kind of object, the project become mandatory into the module setup page.

    20,00 €
  • Check resources
    20,00 €
    Check resources

    With this module you can check de availabilty of the resources. If a resource is used in the same date and hour, the action cannot be modified, or de resource cannot be added to the action. Also, in resources you can set a unit or limit number of resources that can be used at same time.

    20,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 111 items