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    Management of trouble tickets / technical support.

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    InfraS research brings many improvements to basic functions :Exhaustive search including extra attributes (extrafields) in all types of items available ; a page dedicated to the presentation of the results ; direct links to the selected element whatever it is ; complete replacement of the standard tool for thorough ergonomics ; Etc…

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    Leave To Agenda adds users' approved leaves in the agenda. If the leave is cancelled or disapproved, it is deleted from the agenda

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    Enhances the native functions of project management dolibarr, interventions and contracts. - Report on operations - Contract Maturity - Improved input consumed time (monthly and on the fly) - Improved followed time consumed on projects - Billing deadlines contracts, interventions and projects - Agenda view (project and action)

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    This module improves process management / business workflow on quotes, orders and invoices by adding : A customizable followed by step the progress of process Coloration and custom fields on the item A view "agenda" items to oversee their important dates And the ability to finely manage the connections between elements

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    This module manage user permissions on dolibarr linked files.

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    This module automatically generates a number when creating a project or product. You can create variants to your product / project references and quickly assign this numbering when they are created.

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    Factory is the Dolibarr CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) module. Factory enables products composition, manufacturing planning and completes the Dolibarr native products global management. Determination of the composition, direct or indirect manufacturing (production orders), internal or external, in large or small series, related stock movements,...

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    This module is a very flexible ticket management system within Dolibarr. It is fully linked to Dolibarr's users and third parties. It is meant to solve any purpose, from support to task management, fulfilling any need in the organization.The most important features is the e-mail notification to users and the time tracking capability. It comes with an easy...

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    CustomTabs allows the addition of additional tabs on the Dolibarr element sheets (clients, products, ...) as a form or a list. Template and document management (GED) can be added. The access rights to the tabs are managed by groups of users. Data entered in tabs can be used in .odt documents

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    The public procurement management module, tenders and purchase orders simplify the management of contracts from the tendering phase to final contract acceptance. In this module you will find the following management: the management of tenders. the management of the competitors, the contractor, the slips and the deposits market management with: SERVICE...

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    Add interfaces or synchronize Google Calendar, Google contact, Maps, Analytics and Adsense into your Dolibarr : Add new tab called "Google Agenda" to show contents of Google agendas. Can synchronize events and contacts with Google Calendar and contacts. Localize addresses into Google maps, show all customers, contacts or members on a map, ... Compatible...

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Showing 13 - 24 of 45 items