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  • AWStats 3.6 - 10.0.*

    Add, into menu, screens to read statistics compiled with AWStats log analyzer.

  • Thomson phone book 3.7 - 10.0.*

    Add a service to allow a Thomson phone to show/search into Dolibarr contact's list

  • NumberWords 4.0.0 - 10.0.*

    With this module, Dolibarr is able to translate decimal number or amount into full text strings ("110 dollars" will give "one hundred and ten dollars"). It is so possible to add text amount into PDF (invoices, etc...)

  • PHPSysinfo

    Add an entry in menu with link to a PHPSysinfo page (

  • Scanner 3.7 - 10.0.*

    Add a page to drive a scanner device (Linux only). Can also convert scanned image to text.

  • Extraprice Free Edition

    This module allows you to define calculation rule for determining the unit price (eg by using additional parameters-extrafields)

  • Single Login 3.8.0 - 10.0.x

    This module is use to allow only one dolibarr connexion per login. In other words, two user cannot be connected at the same time with the same login. Work nice on internal network (with mobile connection, the test wasn't done wet)

  • Framework for Modules 3.6.x - 9.0.x

    Library for oscss-shop, auto-update for our modules (see the modules listing), a packager for modules in /custom dir

  • Secure User Free

    Check if users accounts are safe. An hacker could sill your password !

  • Oscim Mods dol3.8

    Brick software required by the module developed by oscim. This module brings together classes, libraries and functions external / internal centralized limited to duplicate

  • Splash Sync Connector

    This module implement Splash Sync connector for Dolibarr ERP. It provide access to multiples Objects for automated synchonisation though Splash Sync dedicated protocol.

  • FormStyler

    A tool for developper, to help to build forms quickly.

Showing 1 - 12 of 115 items