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More skins or document templates for Dolibarr ERP/CRM. You can increase filtering by selecting a subcategory from left menu.

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    More document templates to generate documents.

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    Skins to modify the look of your graphical user interface.

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  • Gego Dolibarr Theme **** The base eldy theme is tweaked a little to add Background Colors & Padding to tables/tabs to make the Forms and Pages less cluttered. The use of bright colors and dull backgrounds give a better visibility and feel. Check out this theme.

  • I propose another of my eldy-blue themes I propose another version of the theme eldy, this time in blue and much more successful by me. An eldy theme created by Laurent Destailleur and provided in all versions of Dolibarr.

  • Based on MD Theme, I just change some few things like the main menu fixed and the personalization active by default.

  • 2,39 €

    Document model for PDF that draws AIT column in bills and credit notes. This is basically based on crabe model PDF class.

    2,39 €
  • 4,79 €

    Silex theme red.

    4,79 €
  • 4,79 €

    Silex theme blue.

    4,79 €
  • 4,79 €

    Modern & lightweight theme, with a color suite, see: Silex blue, green, choco, red, pink & purple.

    4,79 €
  • 4,99 €

    Print propals , order, invoice with t&c and good for agreement v1.010 for dolbarr 4.02

    4,99 €
  • 4,99 €

    Print proposals , orders & invoices with t&c and good for agreement. deposit request for proposals & orders. LCR (french only) for invoices - v1.08

    4,99 €
  • 5,04 €

    Vadrouille adds a checkbox on the login screen to activate the mobile interface of your Dolibarr. The use of the mobile interface only affects the user who chooses it; for the duration of its connection, without having to change the display nor settings and without changing the display of other users.

    5,04 €
  • 6,00 €

    Can edit colors of default skin (can also change font size). Personalizing can be done globally or per user.

    6,00 €
  • 8,58 €

    The InfraS pack brings: rounded frames, masking of certain columns, full TTC display, the words display of the total, clearer options management, full image management (logo, footer image, products / Services), multiple addresses for your company, a simplified header for the following pages, use of third party business name, etc ...

    8,58 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items