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  • Dolibarr module that allows to synchronize in real time the products that are loaded in Dolibarr with a Magento Store; The Module allows you to synchronize: - Creation - Modification of product attributes - Prices - Stock

  • Module to add api Keys Magento api required to Magento Product Sync

  • 30,00 € 60,00 € -50%

    Prestashop and Dolibarr synchronization module to synchronize datas from your PrestaShop store with your Dolibarr in real time or on demand. You can synchronize prospects, customers, product categories, product (image, barcode, inventory), orders, bills and statutes Exculsivity of our module : sync status bilaterally and support large volumes

    30,00 € 60,00 € -50%
  • 60,00 €

    This module is used to generate CSV files for PrestaShop. - Exports simple or declined products, images, attributes, category, etc. - Adjustment of the final price, exports your impacts on price and weight. - Automatic link generation for downloading under Prestashop.

    60,00 €
  • 60,00 €

    Advanced inventory management between Dolibarr & Prestashop Fine management of stock movements between Dolibarr & Prestashop

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  • 95,99 €

    MyCyberOffice is an automatic synchronization module (validated by Prestashop) from Dolibarr ERP / CRM to Prestashop. Your stocks, prices, references, barcodes, descriptions, images, order status, tracking parcels number, etc… are managed in Dolibarr ERP / CRM and are integrated in Prestashop in real time

    95,99 €
  • 95,99 €

    Cyberoffice is an automatic synchronization module (validated by Prestashop) from PrestaShop to Dolibarr . Very easy to install and simple to use . Any events (categories , products, prices, inventory, customers, orders, invoices, payments) in Prestashop will be updated in real time to Dolibarr..

    95,99 €
  • 144,00 €

    Manage completely* your Prestashop on Dolibarr via PrestaShop Webservice. No module is required to install on PrestaShop.

    144,00 €
  • 264,00 €

    this module let you to synchronize (products,clients,orders,stocks) from your magento ecommerce into dolibarr

    264,00 €
  • 348,00 €

    ECommerceNG is a synchronization module between Magento and Dolibarr. Easy to install and setup, a lot of objects and directions are supported. Some in real time, other by a manual action. Take a look at full description for full list of feature.

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  • 510,00 €

    This set of modules used to manage contacts subscriptions to publications, information and communication supports, and diffuse - by email or post - the different parutions through sending campaigns.

    510,00 €
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