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  • Dolibase Installer

    Dolibase Framework installer/uninstaller

  • GPS

    Tool to store cordinates for elements.

  • AutoBackup 8

    AutoBackup for Dolibarr. You can set the interval. The backup can also be sent to an ftp server automatically.

  • Remove Confirmation Pop-up

    Module that allows admin to remove some confirmation pop-up for specific users. By default nothing is removed, needs to activate removal on users permissions

  • Adminer

    Integrates Adminer into dolibarr.

  • Advanced Module Builder

    An advanced module builder for Dolibarr ERP/CRM

  • Multiple external websites 9.0

    Module for adding multiple external web sites for version 9.0.x (like the externalsite core module but with multiple add).

  • TakePOS Connector PLUS 11

    TakePOS Connector PLUS is a new printing system for TakePOS. It is based on the receipt printing library included in Dolibarr. Adding several improvements including printing from the cloud, although a local PHP installation is necessary. The installation and configuration of the module is not easy, but we send a preconfigured package for easy setup.

  • NSINFO - Sendmail Invoice or Paper 10.x.x...

    The module allows you to prohibit the sending of invoices by email if your customer requests a paper invoice. A check box appears in the customer file and the button send by email disappears from all of the customer's invoices.

  • Virtual Time Zone
    4,99 €
    Virtual Time Zone

    Virtual Time zone let admin to select a minus or plus time offset that will be added to real time so that you can continue to produce invoice at a previous date without checking date for each invoice By default you can not change time before the last invoice V1.06 support for Dolibarr 6.0.7 , 7.0.3 & 8.0.2

    4,99 €
  • Font selector
    6,00 €
    Font selector

    Add and select font for pdf

    6,00 €
  • Maintenance Mode
    8,40 €
    Maintenance Mode

    This module allow you to set your installation in maintenance mode.

    8,40 €
Showing 13 - 24 of 102 items