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  • Add a chat box to communicate with a support center (using TawkTo)

  • Add a Todoist button on the menu : Todoist is a powerful and handy Task Management solution, with synced clients for Android, IOS ...

  • Ce module est la version gratuite et limitée du module de GPAO de dolibarr Factory. Cette version inclue la composition et la fabrication ainsi que la gestion des déclinaisons produits

  • With DoliWaste (Waste control) you can register your commercial's wastes from their smartphones, simple and fast, also you commercials can take a photo of their recipient to justify the waste

  • Permet à Dolibarr de servir de serveur de tracker BitTorrent. Ceci permet de pouvoir diffuser des fichiers sur le réseau BitTorrent en toute indépendance.

  • 5,04 €

    Eine kleine Uhr immer im Dolibarr sichtbar , ein Auge auf Ihr Hauptfeldzu halten und Maßnahmen der Tage ( Interventionen , Aufgaben, kommerzielle Handlungen ) Anpassbare nach Ihrem Geschmack und muss die Anwesenheit von Plugins

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  • 9,60 €

    DoliFullCalendar is an excellent module to create and manage custom events in a really simple way.

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  • 10,00 €

    When a task is created in the projects module, an e-mail notification will be sent to the user assigned to this task.

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  • 18,00 €

    View that enable the user to enter his time spend of all his task per week plus reports per user and reports for project. whitelist enable to show only the wanted task. N+1 can approve or reject timesheets

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  • 19,80 €

    Allow to carry out a forecast of expenditure by type of purchase (order or supplier invoice) and the monitoring of costs per project (supplier purchase and time spent on tasks)

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  • 22,79 €

    Crear tablas con un rango de números% de descuento. Tablas de descuentos para los productos y clientes para este producto. Con esta nueva idea puede tener tablas globales que pueden aplicarse a diferentes productos y clientes. Venda más% de descuento da el importe de la compra de un producto. Si el cliente compra más, tienen un descuento más alto, sino...

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  • 24,00 €

    Once this module is activated, the project become a mandatory value to validate a proposal, order and/or invoice. You decide on which kind of object, the project become mandatory into the module setup page.

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Zeige 1 - 12 von 33 Artikeln