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Module zur Produkt- oder Leistungsverwaltung bzw. Lagerverwaltung

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  • Consumption 9.0.x - 11.x

    Allows to declare items consumptions from a project or an order or a propal or an intervention

  • Factory Free, la GPAO pour Dolibarr

    Ce module est la version gratuite et limitée du module de GPAO de dolibarr Factory. Cette version inclue la composition et la fabrication ainsi que la gestion des déclinaisons produits

  • Timesheet

    View that enable the user to enter his time spend of all his task per week plus reports per user and reports for project. whitelist enable to show only the wanted task. N+1 can approve or reject timesheets

  • Documentation du module d'abonnement

    Ce document est le manuel d'utilisation du module "contrat d'abonnement"

  • Tagesnummer im Maskenmodell

    Das Modul „Tagesnummer in der Modellmaske“ ist ein kostenloses Modul, mit dem Sie die Tagesnummer in der Modellmaske in der Dolibarr-Rechnungsnummerierung anzeigen können.

  • Shipment plus

    Small extension for the shipping module: - Create shipments of shippable orders in one click. - Merge BLS shipments sheets validated in one click.

  • Shipment Package

    Create final shipping packages to handover to transporter.

  • Pickup

    Module dedicated to recycling center, for handling pickups

  • Product stock groups

    This module allows joint control of the stock of several products at the same time. For example, if there are similar products from different suppliers, it is possible to know when the sum of the stock of the set of products is below a minimum stock.

  • DoliFarm : Farm managment

    This module is a first try to manage a farm in Dolibarr. The target for agricultural stuff is available in france only (cadastre). Please buy it to support further development.

  • Management of split invoices on orders

    This module lets you optimize the management of split invoicing by automating the adjustment of invoice quantities based on previous orders and invoices.

  • Replace Prix moyen pondéré (PMP)/ weihted average price by Preduct returns Revient - Module Dolibar
    3,00 €
    Replace Prix moyen pondéré (PMP)/ weihted...

    Replace Prix moyen pondéré (PMP)/ weihted average price by Preduct returns Revient - Module Dolibarr , To make show the returns of all products list that exist in warehouse , so that happen without access in every time to product file to see its return.

    3,00 €
Zeige 1 - 12 von 265 Artikeln