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  • PDF azur title subtotal and comment

    This model is a very easy and effective way to add titles, subtotals and comments to your PDF propal.

  • Ultimatepdf 14.0 Guide (Fr)

    module user guide for ultimatepdf 14.0

  • Bestdiscount

    Do not choose to include your deposit in your invoice lines or display it at the bottom of the page! This module adds an invoice template where the account is displayed in addition to the balance to be paid. Your customers will have a better understanding of your invoices.

  • Numbering PDF module templates

    Because numbering is not standard in Dolibarr but mandatory for my business I've adapted the standard pdf module templates to have that included. Feel free to use, share , adapt and or do whatever you want with it! :) Numbering has been activated for the following documents: customer proposal customer facture customer expedition customer order...

  • TakePOS Receipt Customizer and Logo 15

    Module that adds receipt and logo customization options in TakePOS

  • Sales Invoice ODT template Dolibarr ERP/CRM

    This free sales invoice ODT template is a great way to create professional-looking sales invoices for your Dolibarr ERP/CRM system. Easily import it into documents/doctemplates/invoices directory and start creating professional sales invoices. Streamline your workflow today!

  • Ultimatepdf 18.0 Guide (Fr)

    module user guide for ultimatepdf 18.0

  • Soc2Pdf
    7,00 €

    Exporting card's third in PDF. All informations can be show or not on setup module.   Demo (demo/demo)

    7,00 €
  • MBI Signature Yousign
    8,25 €
    MBI Signature Yousign

    The MBI Signature Yousign module allows your thirdparties to sign proposals, contracts, SEPA mandates and delivery receipts with our partner Yousign. External documents added to a proposal can be signed too. The signature is eIDAS certified and a code is sent by SMS to verify signer identity. The purchase of the module includes unlimited access to updates...

    8,25 €
  • PDF Crabe avec colonne N° d'ordre
    12,00 €
    PDF Crabe avec colonne N° d'ordre

    Modèle de document PDF avec colonne N° d'ordre pour les factures client PDF customer invoice with order number column

    12,00 €
  • Ods2Csv
    12,00 €

    A simple module to generate CSV from ODS file obtained with libreoffice template.

    12,00 €
  • InfraSPack v6
    20,00 €
    InfraSPack v6

    The InfraS pack brings: rounded frames, the complete management of the columns, full TTC display, the words display of the total, clearer options management, full image management (logo, footer image, products / Services), multiple addresses for your company, a simplified header for the following pages, use of third party business name, the choice of the...

    20,00 €
Zeige 1 - 12 von 91 Artikeln