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Module um das Verhalten der Benutzeroberfläche zu ändern. Neue Design-Vorlagen finden eher die Kategorie „Layout-Vorlagen

Module um das Verhalten der Benutzeroberfläche zu ändern. Neue Design-Vorlagen finden eher die Kategorie „Layout-Vorlagen


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  • moaauth

    The moaAuth Module (electronic signatures) will make it possible to login with cardreader and chipcard or mobilphone and TAN. more informations you can find in

  • Dolibarr LiveChat Support

    This module displays a livechat window allowing you to chat with Dolibarr experts, to help you install, use or configure Dolibarr, or to request customized module developments.

  • Advanced Dictionaries

    The Easya / Dolibarr "Advanced Dictionaries" add-on module is a library of functions to generate dictionaries with few codes in an add-on module. This module is necessary to run some Easya Solutions modules.

  • Landing Page - CODE 42

    The LandingPage module allows you to change the target page with the current page of a user.

  • Remove Confirmation Pop-up

    Module that allows admin to remove some confirmation pop-up for all the users. By default nothing is removed, needs to activate removal on module parameters

  • Series2TakePOS (2series module required)

    Add a button to TakePOS to change the numbering series. It is necessary to have installed 2series module available in dolistore.

  • TakeOrder

    Web interface to make orders. To make orders for stores and restaurants websites. TakePOS compatible.

  • Premium QR Menu

    QR web menu for bars and restaurants with Dolibarr articles. It can also be used as a web page for a bar or restaurant.

  • InfrasPackPlus Dutch translation 9.10.24

    Dutch translation for the InfrasPackPlus module


    This module is intended to be a "POC" (Proof of Concept") or Quistart for developpers (only) to build a responsive webapp beside a Dolibarr install. It integrates bootstrap5, a js plugin to scan QR/barcodes, photo and draw app (and code to send to Dolibarr)

  • DoliAssistant 17 (free version)

    DoliAssistant will allow its users to automate routine tasks. All this, thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use chat interface. Currently, it allows you to create articles, invoices and estimates. The full version includes artificial intelligence chatGPT and Dall-E. You can watch the demo video to check its possibilities.

  • Third-party Delivery

    View the final third-party delivery directly in your "Supplier orders" listing.

Zeige 1 - 12 von 160 Artikeln