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  • Import propal lines

    With this module you can import order lines to a customer propal from a spreadsheet file in format .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .csv.

  • Multiple external websites 7.0

    Module for adding multiple external web sites for version 7.0.x (like the externalsite core module but with multiple add).

  • TakePOS Connector PLUS 11

    TakePOS Connector PLUS is a new printing system for TakePOS. It is based on the receipt printing library included in Dolibarr. Adding several improvements including printing from the cloud, although a local PHP installation is necessary. The installation and configuration of the module is not easy, but we send a preconfigured package for easy setup.

  • H2G2 - CODE 42

    Generic coding library used by Code42 plugins : * Asset Management * Contrat Plus

  • sms77

    Send SMS and make Text-To-Speech calls via Germany based gateway provider sms77.

  • Cash Control 7

    Cash control with Cash closing, balancing and reports for Dolibarr. TakePOS compatible.

  • TakePOS 7

    TAKEPOS is an advanced POS terminal. It is a simple and intuitive but also very powerful because it can integrate into Dolibarr.

  • Contab Lite

    Este módulo permitirá llevar la contabilidad básica de tu empresa o negocio, gestionar tu propio catálogo de cuentas y creación de pólizas de diarios, ingresos y egresos. Además de visualizar un Estado de resultados y Balance general.

  • OTP login

    Ever wondered how to increase the security of your Dolibarr installation? Now you can add a 2nd factor authentication with this module. OTP login uses an HOTP key (based on a counter, not in time) that you can generate from any Google Authenticator application available for iOS, Android or Blackberry devices.

  • Descuentos

    Este módulo permite agregar descuentos por categorías (líneas de producto) ligados a un cliente/tercero en particular.

  • Talla Color

    Una de las funciones más requeridas en la gestión de muchos negocios es la posibilidad de trabajar con diversas dimensiones, ejemplo: tallas y colores, a modo que se facilite la entrada de productos y no requiera demasiado tiempo en el registro de los mismos.

  • SAF-T PT

    This module generates the SAF-T file for Portugal and it was developed under the master thesis at ISCTE-IUL portuguese University, in MOSS course. The file SAF-T PT (Portugal) is a file in XML format.

Showing 13 - 24 of 707 items