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  • One pass edit

    Allows you to edit in one pass all the lines of a business proposal / invoice / supplier proposal

  • FormStyler

    A tool for developper, to help to build form quickly.

  • KingAvis

    Send your customer opinion requests to KingAvis directly from your Dolibarr invoices

  • Factura Electronica Colombia DIAN 11.0.x -...

    Conectar Dolibarr con la DIAN, cargar documentos, hacer las validaciones, generar los xml, enviar por correo a tus clientes y cargar la aceptación o repudio del cliente, programar los envíos a la DIAN por tipo de documento días y horas, debes realizar todos los pasos que indica el modulo para su perfecta ejecución. https://www.facturadian.com/...

  • Online Chat TawkTo 6.0 - 14.0.*

    Add a chat box to communicate with a support center (using TawkTo)

  • DoliCalc

    A calculator at your fingertips

  • Dolibarr LiveChat Support

    This module displays a livechat window allowing you to chat with Dolibarr experts, to help you install, use or configure Dolibarr, or to request customized module developments.

  • AutoNotes

    Adding automatic notes in various documents.

  • TakePOS connector para Prestashop

    Prestashop connector for TakePOS. Mira el Video

  • Splash Sync Connector

    This module implement Splash Sync connector for Dolibarr ERP. It provide access to multiples Objects for automated synchonisation though Splash Sync dedicated protocol.

  • DbAdmin

    Database management tool : Allows you to view, edit, export Dolibarr database.

  • Doli Reset

    This modul can delete all generated documents in Dolibarr documents folder and delete all data (DROP tables) from the database. You need to be an administrator to access this feature

Mostrando 1 - 12 de 707 items