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  • View that enable the user to enter his time spend of all his task per week plus reports per user and reports for project. whitelist enable to show only the wanted task. N+1 can approve or reject timesheets

  • This module provides Google APIs OAuth 2 client capabilities to Dolibarr. It is designed to be used with other ZenFusion modules.

  • Interface for Seafile, storage cloud system. View your librairies from Dolibarr directly! Also add a button "Seafile" into top menu and display seafile url into an iframe integrated into Dolibarr ERP/CRM.

  • This module adds Google Maps links on all Dolibarr addresses.

  • Brick software required by the module developed by oscim. This module brings together classes, libraries and functions external / internal centralized limited to duplicate

  • lite version of hesk for dolibarr,it can only view tickep>

  • The moaAuth Module (electronic signatures) will make it possible to login with cardreader and chipcard or mobilphone and TAN. more informations you can find in

  • Añade un servicio para permitir que un teléfono Thomson muestre / busque en la lista de contactos de Dolibarr

  • Añade una entrada en el menú con en elnace a una página de información PHPSysinfo (

  • Añade una página para controlar un dispositivo escaner (solo para Linux). También convierte imagenes escaneadas a texto.

  • SMS Decanet allows you to send SMS to your contacts very simply. You can customize the sender number with an alphanumeric one (by example, you can send a SMS from "DECANET"). SMS price start from 0,05€/sms

  • Añade al menú pantallas para leer estadísticas generadas con AWStats log analyzer.

Mostrando 1 - 12 de 74 items