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  • SMS Decanet

    SMS Decanet allows you to send SMS to your contacts very simply. You can customize the sender number with an alphanumeric one (by example, you can send a SMS from "DECANET"). SMS price start from 0,05€/sms

  • Documentation of subscription contract

    This document is the user manuel of "subscription contract"

  • Lead 3.9 - 4.0.x

    This module allow to manage Lead into Dolibarr

  • Importar líneas de pedido

    Con este módulo podrá importar líneas de pedido a un pedido de cliente a partir de una hoja de cálculo en formato .xls, .xlsx, .ods y .csv.

  • Internal notifications

    The Internal Notifications module allows automatic sending of informations by e-mail when a user do a basic action on Third Parties, Contacts and Events/Tasks.

  • SMS Publi

    SMS Publi te permite enviar SMS a tus terceros de forma muy simple a todo el mundo. Los precios por SMS estan alrededor de 0,05€/sms (España). Consultanos los precios para otros paises. Puedes configurar el número de remitente con un texto (por ejemplo, puedes enviar un SMS desde "MIEMPRESA"). Y puedes ver el estado de los mensajes enviados y el crédito...

  • Dolimail

    Know when and from where your customer or supplier opens up your email and attachments, how much time he has read that important page 2 of your PDF, and fast protect your organization against file leaks ! Free plugin and service, with an offer for professionals who want to scale up the growth of their sales force.

  • importar líneas propale

    Con este módulo puede importar líneas de pedido a un cliente propal desde un archivo de hoja de cálculo en formato.xls,.xlsx,.ods y.csv.

  • Facturacion Electronica Colombia 11.0.x

    Modulo para la integración de la factura electrónica en Colombia.

  • KanProspects (Prospects Kanban view)

    The Dolibarr KanProspects module allows you to view your prospects in Kanban format for the statuses: "To contact", "Contact in progress", ... The status of a prospect can be changed by drag & drop from one column to another. This Kanban view is filterable (by Creation Date, Country, Department, Potential) and printable (by right click on the title of...

  • PDF azur titulo, subtotal y comentario

    This model is a very easy and effective way to add titles, subtotals and comments to your PDF propal.

Mostrando 1 - 12 de 254 items