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  • SMS Decanet vous permet d'envoyer des SMS à vos contacts très simplement. Vous pouvez personnaliser l'expéditeur en renseignant un expéditeur alphanumérique (par exemple, vous pouvez envoyer un SMS depuis l'expéditeur "DECANET"). Le prix d'un SMS démarre dès 0,05€/sms

  • Ce document est le manuel d'utilisation du module "contrat d'abonnement"

  • With this module you can import order lines to a customer order from a spreadsheet file in format .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .csv.

  • This module is use to allow only one dolibarr connexion per login. In other words, two user cannot be connected at the same time with the same login. Work nice on internal network (with mobile connection, the test wasn't done wet)

  • This module allow to manage Lead into Dolibarr

  • The Internal Notifications module allows automatic sending of informations by e-mail when a user do a basic action on Third Parties, Contacts and Events/Tasks.

  • SMS Publi consente di inviare SMS al terzo modo molto semplice a tutti. I prezzi di SMS sono circa 0,05 € / sms (Spagna). Consultare i prezzi per gli altri paesi. È possibile impostare il numero di mittente con un testo (ad esempio, è possibile inviare uno SMS da "MyCompany"). E si può vedere lo stato dei messaggi inviati e credito disponibile.

  • Know when and from where your customer or supplier opens up your email and attachments, how much time he has read that important page 2 of your PDF, and fast protect your organization against file leaks ! Free plugin and service, with an offer for professionals who want to scale up the growth of their sales force.

  • This module allows to search company information using firmapi database. Create quickly a new thirdparty just by enter its SIREN number

  • With this module you can import order lines to a customer propal from a spreadsheet file in format .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .csv.

  • Modulo para la integración de la factura electrónica en Colombia.

  • The Dolibarr KanProspects module allows you to view your prospects in Kanban format for the statuses: "To contact", "Contact in progress", ... The status of a prospect can be changed by drag & drop from one column to another. This Kanban view is filterable (by Creation Date, Country, Department, Potential) and printable (by right click on the title of a...

Visualizzati 1 - 12 di 253 articoli