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  • Based on MD Theme, I just change some few things like the main menu fixed and the personalization active by default.

  • I propose another of my eldy-blue themes I propose another version of the theme eldy, this time in blue and much more successful by me. An eldy theme created by Laurent Destailleur and provided in all versions of Dolibarr.

  • 4,79 €
  • 4,79 €

    Modern & lightweight theme, with a color suite, see: Silex blue, green, choco, red, pink & purple.

    4,79 €
  • 4,79 €
  • 5,04 €

    Vadrouille aggiunge una casella di controllo nella schermata di login per attivare l'interfaccia mobile del tuo Dolibarr . L'uso della interfaccia mobile riguarda solo l'utente che sceglie ; per la durata della sua connessione , senza dover cambiare il display o impostazioni e senza cambiare la visualizzazione di altri utenti.

    5,04 €
  • 6,00 €

    Permet de modifier les couleurs du thème par défaut (permet aussi de modifier la taille de police). La personnalisation peut etre globale ou par utilisateur.

    6,00 €
  • 8,58 €

    The InfraS model pack brings many modifications to the basic models; Such as rounded frames (with radius value adjustment), the ability to hide columns, 'full' TTC display, the words display of the total, a clearer management of options (Even standard), full image management: logo, footer image, image of products / services, a simplified header for the...

    8,58 €
  • 9,60 €

    The GUIMA theme warrants a fresh and friendly to users like AXIS,now using white, blue and red colors, for Dolibarr 3.2. to 3.6 Provides a better access to the main menu, this one is fixed on top of the site, for accessing functionality is not necessary to move the scroll if you was at the bottom of a page.NEW iconography with a high level of detail...

    9,60 €
  • 11,52 €

    The InfraS pack brings: rounded frames, the complete management of the columns, full TTC display, the words display of the total, clearer options management, full image management (logo, footer image, products / Services), multiple addresses for your company, a simplified header for the following pages, use of third party business name, the choice of the...

    11,52 €
  • 12,00 €

    The theme BORTOQAL is a flexible and dynamic theme with new icons and a brand new typography, ideal for business to boost productivity and soothe the mind with the orange color

    12,00 €
  • 12,00 €

    Un nouveau thème qui reprend le style wordpress / opencart/ bootstrap.

    12,00 €
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