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  • A tool for developper, to help to build form quickly.

  • Allows you to edit in one pass all the lines of a business proposal / invoice / supplier proposal

  • This module load all zip codes for Greece. This makes autocomplete to suggest any zip or town when editing zip code or town on any screen with addresses. A new dictionnary view is also added to manually edit this list.

  • Module for the italian market. Italian description: Versione FREE del modulo. Permette la gestione della ritenuta d'acconto e dell'esenzione IVA all'interno delle fatture fornitori secondo la normativa italiana. Aggiunge alle singole righe delle fatture fornitori 2 campi: - Aliquota Ritenuta d'acconto - Esenzione IVA Troverete anche "ritenuta d'acconto"...

  • Ce module fournit des fonctionnalités de client OAuth 2 pour les APIs Google à Dolibarr. Il est conçu pour être utilisé avec les autres modules ZenFusion.

  • A calculator at your fingertips

  • StockAlert - To alert the products below their warning threshold after a stock movement, via popup and/or email.

  • The Internal Notifications module allows automatic sending of informations by e-mail when a user do a basic action on Third Parties, Contacts and Events/Tasks.

  • Brique logiciel requis par les module developpé par oscim. Ce module rassemble des classes, librairies et fonctions externe/interne centralisé afin de limité les doublons

  • Allows each user to take & view their notes from any Dolibarr page

  • Tool to store cordinates for elements.

  • Integrates Adminer into dolibarr.

Visualizzati 1 - 12 di 506 articoli