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  • Brique logiciel requis par les module developpé par oscim. Ce module rassemble des classes, librairies et fonctions externe/interne centralisé afin de limité les doublons

  • Expense report accounting journal 3.8 - 4.0 Since the version 3.8 of Dolibarr, a new module for expense report was integred. This complementary module will allow to dispatch the lines of expense reports by accounting account and to export to communicate it to your accountant.

  • StockAlert - To alert the products below their warning threshold after a stock movement, via popup and/or email.

  • The Internal Notifications module allows automatic sending of informations by e-mail when a user do a basic action on Third Parties, Contacts and Events/Tasks.

  • This module load all zip codes for Greece. This makes autocomplete to suggest any zip or town when editing zip code or town on any screen with addresses. A new dictionnary view is also added to manually edit this list.

  • This module allow to create PDF document (same document as generate button into Dolibarr web interface) from URL call (API REST)

  • SMS identification with Phonekey

  • Accedere a tutto il catalogo di moduli ed estensioni per il vostro Dolibarr dal modulo interface.This misura il vostro schermo per garantire la un'esperienza ottimale a prescindere dal dispositivo. E '-stato tradotto in 5 lingue, in modo che tutti possono trovare che ciò che stanno cercando. I vostri commenti e feedback andranno ad arricchire il catalogo...

  • Module to add api Keys Magento api required to Magento Product Sync

  • Dolibarr module that allows to synchronize in real time the products that are loaded in Dolibarr with a Magento Store; The Module allows you to synchronize: - Creation - Modification of product attributes - Prices - Stock

  • MyList permette la creazione di liste dinamiche personalizzate dalle informazioni nel database rielaborato da una query SQL e renderli accessibili dal menu Dolibarr.

  • Easy access to products/services fields to display in PDF or ODT document templates, including pictures and custom fields. For example, you can easily display the weight of each product in your invoices, or a picture of each product in your commercial proposals. See included documentation for more information.

Visualizzati 25 - 36 di 532 articoli