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  • SAF-T PT

    Este módulo genera el archivo de SAF-T para Portugal y que fue desarrollado bajo la tesis de maestría en la Universidad ISCTE-IUL portugués, en curso MOSS. El archivo de SAF-T PT (Portugal) es un archivo en formato XML

  • AWStats 8.0 - 15.0.*

    Añade al menú pantallas para leer estadísticas generadas con AWStats log analyzer.

  • Timesheet

    View that enable the user to enter his time spend of all his task per week plus reports per user and reports for project. whitelist enable to show only the wanted task. N+1 can approve or reject timesheets

  • SpeedFinder 3.5

    SpeedFinder adds a menu to quick search for a contact or a company by entering a few digits of the phone or vat number.

  • Cash Control 7

    Cierres de caja y arqueos para Dolibarr Compatible con TakePOS

  • KanProspects (Prospects Kanban view)

    The Dolibarr KanProspects module allows you to view your prospects in Kanban format for the statuses: "To contact", "Contact in progress", ... The status of a prospect can be changed by drag & drop from one column to another. This Kanban view is filterable (by Creation Date, Country, Department, Potential) and printable (by right click on the title of a...

  • Visual Query

    Integrates VisualQuery into dolibarr. For people facing page not found issue, ensure that rewrite engine is enabled on your web server.

  • Adminer

    Integrates Adminer into dolibarr.

  • Tax By Account

    This module displays base amount by tax rate, by account and by country. It's a derivative of the report by rate countries screen.

  • User Activity Dashboard 8.x.x - 12.x.x

    Tracks users' performance based on the number of prospects entered, number of proposals submitted, number of conversion to sales and how much is the sales, how much is the gross profit and the ratio of cost over the sales made at a particular period of time.

  • Project's Budget Report

    The Project's Budget Report is a convenient way to track your budget for each project.

  • Belgium
    15,00 €
    Bélgica 3.4.0 - 11.0.x

    Carácteres funcionales específicos a la legislación belga

    15,00 €
Mostrando 1 - 12 de 86 items