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  • 150,00 €

    Dolireport is a Dolibarr module created to publish reports from data extracted directly from database tables. It is made on Reportico's engine and is natively integrated in Dolibarr's GUI, so it benefits of the ERP's advanced functionnalities.

    150,00 €
  • 179,99 €

    View all the vital figures for your business on curves, maps or charts. The KPI module allows you to study your catchment area, or other strategic data for your entrepreneurial vision. And if you need more figures, contact us!

    179,99 €
  • 180,00 €

    Stop making bank reconciliation manually ! Download your statement onto your bank website and import it with the bank import module. After comparing Dolibarr bank transactions and the ones from the statement, the module automatically makes the reconciliation. If one statement is missing, this new version of the module allows you to search the matching...

    180,00 €
  • 252,00 €

    Electronic billing for the Spanish public administration

    252,00 €
  • 288,00 €

    This allow to manage commercial agents commissions; commissions are calculated on turnover or on margin and are based on orders,  on invoices or on payments (full or partial).

    288,00 €
  • 288,00 €

    Extends the functionality of Ecm module.As Ecm, permits upload of the manual documents, but all documents can be classified in category and associated with tags. Every automatic document (orders, invoices, ...) is stored in the database and properly classified.It includes a search engine, which allows filters on the database of documents, and the...

    288,00 €
  • 300,00 €

    Query allows you to create your query, to group panels and display your reports with a suitable display (lists, histogram, pie, ...). This module requires SQL knowledge for creating queries and Admin system for generating PDF.

    300,00 €
  • 360,00 € 720,00 € -50%

    This module allows you, thanks to many financial documents, to have an eye on your financial situation. This price includes installation and configuration assistance.

    360,00 € 720,00 € -50%
  • 394,25 €

    Essential 2Labels DoliPOS PACK + to work with your POS, and a barcode reader, manages EAN13 labels for printing them. Pack Offer!

    394,25 €
  • 480,00 €

    Analyze and control your activity! The module offers you various operational dashboards allowing to have a global and instantaneous vision of your activity. The module allows you to analyze and control your business with more than 50 dedicated indicators, in different sectors of the company such as prospecting, sales, billing / accounting, .... All in a...

    480,00 €
  • 588,00 €

    This module enables communication between Dolibarr and QIMP®-mobile. Create interventions in Dolibarr and forward them directly to a QIMP®-mobile App user for completion.

    588,00 €
  • 600,00 €

    Management of quality reports as well as tasks related to quality actions.

    600,00 €
Showing 49 - 60 of 61 items