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  • 72,00 €

    KanTickets for Dolibarr manages a set of Kanban views for the Ticket module (Dolibarr 10+). It is possible to sort the Tickets in different ways in Kanban "user friendly" views. The available Kanban views are: Status, Severity, Type, and Group. The Kanban cards are displayed in columns, it is possible to pass a card from one column to another by Drag & Drop.

    72,00 €
  • 82,80 €

    This module add a small network monitoring into Dolibarr ERP/CRM. You can define monitor with service HTTP and port 443 and let system check it frequently. When a host is detected as down, an alert will be registered and it will be closed once host back online. Notifications can be send by email and SMS (need complementary module as OVH).

    82,80 €
  • 84,00 €

    With this module you can manage digital documents (. Doc,. Xls,. Odt,. Jpg,.) Of your customers in an orderly manner, and above all in a safe, as the added functionality of document protection , will manage access permissions, in a comfortable and easy.

    84,00 €
  • 86,40 €

    With this Module you can create a print of your current warehouse stock and save it.

    86,40 €
  • 96,00 €

    Managing the printing of bar code labels generated in the chip product. Primarily this module enabling it to print bar code labels of the desired products by providing a number of ways, the selection of these products.

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  • 98,40 €

    Create withdrawals files in XML format following the European Normative SEPA.

    98,40 €
  • 120,00 €

    Don't waste time on searches anymore ! "Search everywhere" literally searches in all datas on Contacts, Thirds, events,... 

    120,00 €
  • 120,00 €

    This module allows you to track actions performed on Dolibarr. A view gives you the history of proposals, third parties, contacts, projects, products, events and tasks. The other actions are also archived but no display rendered.

    120,00 €
  • 120,00 €

    Payment Import is a module that record payments on invoices from the bank's file import: no reconciliation from the amounts as on the module "Bank import", the correspondence is made from invoice references.

    120,00 €
  • 120,00 €

    The module automatically generates data exports and sends them by email according to the settings saved in the module's admin. Automatically send each month the export of your invoices to your accountant for example.

    120,00 €
  • 132,00 €

    Management, printing, viewing and exporting reports. The export can be done in CSV and PDF. You can request for further reports. The module allows us to manage groups of reports. It includes traceability reports to lots and expiration. Now you can create your own reports.

    132,00 €
  • 144,00 €

    This module allows you to manage Pivot reports (Tables and Charts) from SQL queries. It is provided with 17 predefined SQL queries and 40+ predefined reports. You can add your own SQL queries. Then you can add your own Pivot reports (Tables and / or Charts) by simple settings (selections in lists for some parameters and Drag & Drop for others)

    144,00 €
Showing 37 - 48 of 61 items