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  • GPS

    Tool to store cordinates for elements.

  • Quick-Notes

    Allows each user to take & view their notes from any Dolibarr page

  • AutoBackup 8

    AutoBackup for Dolibarr. You can set the interval. The backup can also be sent to an ftp server automatically.

  • Visual Query

    Integrates VisualQuery into dolibarr. For people facing page not found issue, ensure that rewrite engine is enabled on your web server.

  • Advanced Module Builder

    An advanced module builder for Dolibarr ERP/CRM https://github.com/AXeL-dev/damb

  • Demat 4 Dolibarr 7.0.x - 11.0.x

    The module provides the functions for sending invoices to the Chorus Pro platform. The module requires a subscription to be operational. This subscription can be purchased on the Open-DSI online store. Note : It's compatible with the multi-company module.

  • Auto-Notes 11-12

    Adding automatic notes in various documents.

  • Virtual Time Zone
    4,99 €
    Virtual Time Zone

    Virtual Time zone let admin to select a minus or plus time offset that will be added to real time so that you can continue to produce invoice at a previous date without checking date for each invoice By default you can not change time before the last invoice V1.06 support for Dolibarr 6.0.7 , 7.0.3 & 8.0.2

    4,99 €
  • Custom Favicon (browser icon)
    6,00 €
    Custom Favicon (browser icon)

    Change the Favicon of Your Application Dolibarr (iconic image that represents your application)

    6,00 €
  • SelectBank (for PDF) 3.7.0 - 11.0.*
    9,00 €
    SelectBank (for PDF) 3.7.0 - 11.0.*

    This module add a combo box to select which bank account to use to show into PDF invoices (when you need to show bank account information onto PDF invoice)  

    9,00 €
  • AdresseFrance
    9,60 €

    When creating and editing a third party, the mailing address is autocompleted via l'API adresse.gouv.fr. Only for France address.

    9,60 €
  • Task notification e-mail
    10,00 €
    Task notification e-mail

    When a task is created in the projects module, an e-mail notification will be sent to the user assigned to this task.

    10,00 €
Showing 13 - 24 of 200 items