Advanced permissions



The Advanced Permissions module, allows you to manage and assign permissions by action button.

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Advanced permissions

Version: 1.2
Compatibility: Dolibarr 4.x - 16.x
Languages: FR EN
Last update: 06-06-2022
Licence: AGPL

What is this module for?

The Advanced Permissions module, allows you to manage and assign permissions by action button / display information parts that are more or less important.

For example you want a user to not be able to modify a invoice, even if this person has the basic dolibarr permission Create / modify invoices.

It comes from a long user experience with our customers.

Better to know

With this module you will be able to extend dolibarr basic permissions and advanced permissions.

If you want for example to deny a user access to modify an invoice:

1. It must be given permission to create / modify invoices (invoice module)
2. Do not give him permission to modify invoices (Advanced Permissions Module).

So the user will have access to create invoices normally as he usually does, but modification will be prohibited.

List of permissions managed by this module

Send an E-mail to third parties
Edit Third Party
Delete Third Party
Merge Third Party
Send an Email to Contacts
Edit a contact
Delete contact
Activate a contact if inactive
Deactivate a contact if active
Validate a commercial proposal
Edit a commercial proposal
Re-open a commercial proposal
Send a commercial proposal by e-mail
Close a commercial proposal
Clone a commercial proposal
Delete a commercial proposal
Create order from a commercial proposal
Create invoice from a commercial proposal
Classify invoiced a commercial proposal
Re-open a processed order
Send an order by e-mail
Validate an order
Edit an order
Ship an order
Classify shipped an order
Create Invoice from Order
Classify an order as invoiced
Classify an order as uninvoiced
Clone an order
Cancel an order
Delete an order
Validate a shipment
Classify a shipment as uninvoiced
Re-open a shipment
Send a shipment by e-mail
Create Invoice from Shipment
Close a shipment (File invoiced)
Cancel a shipment
Delete a shipment
Modify an invoice
Re-open an invoice
Validate an invoice
Send an invoice by e-mail
Consult the POS ticket
Do a payment
Do a refund
Classify Totally Paid an invoice
Classify Partially Paid an invoice
Cancel an Invoice (Classify Abandoned)
Create a credit note on an invoice
Clone an invoice
Delete an invoice
Add a free field in the Commercial Proposals
Add a free field in the Orders
Add a free field in Invoices
Apply a discount on commercial proposals
Apply discount on orders
Apply a discount on invoices
Apply a relative or fixed discount to customers / prospects
Assign sales reps to a third party
Modify the outstanding amount authorized
May exceed outstanding amount allowed in orders/invoices
Can view events in cards
Can view tracking tab
Can view Login session information on the right menu => Show more information

Online demo:

Link: Demo link

French Demo
Login: demo
Password: demo123demo234

English Demo
Login: demo1
Password: demo123demo234

The demo includes all our modules with functional permissions for the logged in user.
You can check the permissions of this user for more info.


## 1.0
Initial version

## 1.1
Minor translation fixes

## 1.2
Commercial proposal (V16):
Fixing CSRF For Accpet/Refuse
Fixing CSRF For Reopen
Fixing CSRF For Classify Billed

Customer Order (V16):
Fixing CSRF For Reopen
Fixing CSRF For Classify Billed
Fixing CSRF For Classify UnBilled

Shipment (V16):
Fixing CSRF For Close
Fixing CSRF For Reopen

Invoice (V16):
Fixing CSRF For Reopen

Purchase includes:

  • Email Support
  • Maintenance in case of functional bugs of the module
  • Maintenance in case of technical bugs of the module
  • Lifetime Access to updates

Purchase does not include:

  • Help with configuration and installation of the module
  • Training in the use of the module

Technical support

If you notice a technical or functional malfunction, please contact us at: Technical support

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