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  • UID Register API

    This module allows you to connect to the Swiss UID Register when editing third parties from frontend. This module is NOT provided by the Swiss administration. Using UID Register API, you can: Quickly fill all available data using UID register on third party creation Easily update third party information if UID data are different from yours

  • Pickup

    Module dedicated to recycling center, for handling pickups

  • Librairies Prune pour modules Net Logic...

    Collection of librairies for Net Logic modules

  • ScanConnect

    ScanConnect is common plugin for all Scan* dolibarr plugins like ScanInvoices, ScanPay, ScanBank and others

  • TakePOS Connector

    Module that allows TakePOS to connect with the computer hardware. Work with a new easy-to-install desktop application without advanced configuration and without local web server installation. It needs Java installed.

  • DoliAssistant 17 (free version)

    DoliAssistant will allow its users to automate routine tasks. All this, thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use chat interface. Currently, it allows you to create articles, invoices and estimates. The full version includes artificial intelligence chatGPT and Dall-E. You can watch the demo video to check its possibilities.

  • Orderlion Sync

    Synchronization of the Orderlion application with Dolibarr. Synchronization of third parties, products and orders.

  • Ankorstore Sync

    Synchronization of the Ankorstore application with Dolibarr. Synchronization of order and stocks.

  • moaauth

    The moaAuth Module (electronic signatures) will make it possible to login with cardreader and chipcard or mobilphone and TAN. more informations you can find in

  • CEB Rates
    4,99 €
    CEB Rates

    This Module connects to the European Central Bank. It ensures the recovery and updating of exchange rates against the EURO as the Main Currency

    4,99 €
  • Midnight theme
    5,00 €
    Midnight theme

    Dark theme for dolibarr with rounded inputs

    5,00 €
  • External Site Pro
    8,33 €
    External Site Pro

    Multi external site module with enhanced features like access control (user permissions), set a custom menu position, enable or disable websites without losing your settings, & more.New: ability to set a custom icon for each site.

    8,33 €
Showing 25 - 36 of 178 items