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  • 36,00 €

    "Employee Documents" is a useful tool that can help you store and manage employee-related documents such as certificates, appraisals, passports, licenses, and more. The app also allows you to set an alert message when you expire / at any other related date

    36,00 €
  • 38,40 €

    Leave To Agenda adds users' approved leaves in the agenda. If the leave is cancelled or disapproved, it is deleted from the agenda

    38,40 €
  • 39,60 €

    Enhances the native functions of project management dolibarr, interventions and contracts. - Report on operations - Contract Maturity - Improved input consumed time (monthly and on the fly) - Improved followed time consumed on projects - Billing deadlines contracts, interventions and projects - Agenda view (project and action)

    39,60 €
  • 39,96 €

    Mass Update Rights allows the definition and quick update of user groups permissions editing a csv file

    39,96 €
  • 48,00 €

    Module "Meeting confirmation" allows to generate and email a PDF confirmation of your meetings.

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  • 50,40 €

    Module dedicated to human resource recruitment and selection of qualified individuals for carrying a stain or intervention

    50,40 €
  • 57,60 €

    CustomTabs allows the addition of additional tabs on the Dolibarr element sheets (clients, products, ...) as a form or a list. Template and document management (GED) can be added. The access rights to the tabs are managed by groups of users. Data entered in tabs can be used in .odt documents

    57,60 €
  • 58,80 €

    FICHAJES is a complete SOLUTION to keep track of the hours worked by employees, and in a simple and automated way, you can perform the following operations: ENTRY, PAUSE, EXIT.

    58,80 €
  • 60,00 €

    -This module allows us to manage the contracts of the employees to know: - Type of Contract, - Hiring date, - the contract upload (any type included: doc, pdf, xls ...) - Date signature of contract (by the employee and the direction), - Date of the medical examination at the beginning of the hiring, - End date of contract.

    60,00 €
  • 66,00 €

    This module allows your staff and employees record their time of arrival and departure. Allowing you to know how many hours of service in the company.

    66,00 €
  • 72,00 €

    - Management of transfer orders,- Manage the transfer order in PDF format for one or more employees of the company before sending to your bank,- Generate PDF in the payslip of each employee.- The ability to edit the numbers of transfer orders issued by the bank.

    72,00 €
  • 84,00 €

    Module to manage a medical center. Patients, consultations, alerts, documents, ...

    84,00 €
Showing 13 - 24 of 50 items