FICHAJES is a complete SOLUTION to keep track of the hours worked by employees, and in a simple and automated way, you can perform the following operations: ENTRY, PAUSE, EXIT.

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(SPAIN) Given the recent acceptance of the Royal Decree-law 8/2019, of 8 March: especially on page 23176

It is required the obligatory nature of all employees of a company and the need for a presence control system, which with this module "FICHAJES" can be easily integrated, since it allows to use the same access login to Dolibarr as control of inputs and outputs, saving hundreds of euros in equipment and expensive installations.
With this module you fulfill the Legality, keeping the records for years, showing the summaries to the worker and avoiding overtime to the company.

The module FICHAJES is a complete SOLUTION to keep track of the hours worked by employees / users of Dolibarr and in a simple and automated way, you can perform the following operations:


It will use the geolocation of the mobile or browser to save where you do the login (latitude and longitude of the gps of google maps) that is done in each INPUT operation.

It also creates a new menu called FICHAJES that the worker / user can see their schedules, ordered by days with a history of their entries / breaks / exits and of course to execute MANUAL actions such as ENTER, EXIT or PAUSE, (if not in automatic mode in the module configuration.)
In this same menu option, a monthly record is shown per day, totaling the hours worked.

The CONFIGURATION of the module is very simple:

-The Schedule Settings are the minimum hours of the company's maximum entry and exit from Monday to Sunday.
-Activate Log entry automatically when logging in, if you want to sign an ENTRY when making a login in Dolibarr
-Activate Output output automatically according to the configured output time, if you want to sign an OUTPUT when logging out Dolibarr.
-Geolocation, If it is active then it will record the position of the device that makes a login, geopositioning.
-Allow pauses, you create a button to perform PAUSES and their descriptions (always request a comment).

-TEST Geolocation, performs a test of the correct configuration of the browser. (Remember to give the browser permission to allow geolocation)

In the module's own configuration, REGISTER tab allows to see all the movements of all workers and export them to .CSV for a treatment with an Excel, analytical, etc.

The format of the .CSV file of all records is as follows:

- Registration ID
- User name
- Type of transfer (Entry, Exit, Pause)
- If you have been automatic (1) or manual (0)
- Description of the transfer (when it is pause)
- Coordinates (when the geolocation is activated)
- Time format dd-MM-yyyy hh: mm: ss

As a security measure, this option to export is only accessible from the configuration of the module, since they are sensitive data.

Note: For the correct functioning of the geolocation, it is necessary that your Dolibarr have https with SSL certificate highly recommended to use it, in general with Dolibarr, see more information at: -what-is-important-https-and-what-implies-not-use

Module Version: Author / License: Asier Garcia Asenjo / AGPL
User interface language: English / Spanish
Help / Support: No / mail to [email protected]
Min version Dolibarr: 6.0.X
Dolibarr max version: 19.0.X
To install this module:
Download the module file ( from the website
You can load the .zip in the module management itself from configuration or
Unzip the zip file, for example by using the command in the / custom / folder
The module is ready to be activated. Remember to give permission to users of your application, as to any other module.



## 0.10.2 18.07.2023
   Improved icon contrast in the top menu Fixed an issue that, under certain circumstances, caused failures in the automatic output

## 0.10.1 07.02.2023
   Requirements for geolocation are now laxer.

## 0.10.0 30.01.2023
  Dolibarr 16 Compatibility
  Improved button contrast Fixed an issue where in some cases the automatic exit log was not inserted when it was enabled
  Other minor improvements and fixes

## 0.9.3 10.06.2019
  Optional configuration to not compute entries before business hours

## 0.9 23.05.2019
   Fix bug when adding work time after a pause
   Time zone and translations
   New list for admins, in the tab of records, with all users and their hours worked.
   Now it's good if you go in one day and go out another.

## 0.8 16.05.2019
  Now Allow PAUSES in the configuration show or hide the pause button in the transfer menu.
  Button in the Logs history of the sign-in menu, which allows for each line to enter a comment (in entries or exits), for example, "I forgot to sign before", etc.
  Bug fix: the export .CSV now does it with the correct encoding and before the Ñ, accents, etc. did not come out.
Bug fix of the pauses not for the time in the history.

## 0.7 12.05.2019
Auto-exit is executed when the user enters the sign-in page. It is independent of whether or not it does login.
Auto-exit does not depend on the activation of autoentrada
minor visual bug in the configuration.
When one day had already recorded an exit and then another entry with no exit, the auto-exit was not applied correctly the next day

## 0.6 30.04.2019
Bug fix when exporting .csv date and time