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Stock transfers 5.x - 19.x



The purpose of this module is to provide a more user-friendly interface than the native Dolibarr one for accurately transferring multiple products and batches between company warehouses, generating a professional PDF document with the products and batches being moved. #IMASDEWEB

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Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Sergi Rodrigues (IMASDEWEB) / GPL3
User interface language: English / Catalan / Spanish / Italian / German / French
Help/Support: IMASDEWEB

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

Module features: User manual

  • The objective of this module is to offer a more friendly interface than Dolibarr native to carry out transfers of products and batches from one warehouse to another (warehouses of our company). If you have installed the Purchases module (also from IMASDEWEB) then in case of lack of stock for the transfer, a button appears to create a new process of purchasing the missing stock.

  • The module allows the download of a PDF file with the list of products to be transferred and space below for the triple signature of the one who makes the shipment, the carrier and the one who will receive the products in the destination warehouse, usual "delivery note" in this type of transportation.

    In fact, most of the development hours invested in the module are focused on the PDF configuration. This is because the majority of users who purchase the module primarily require the ability to customize the format of the PDF and the information it contains, according to their country and their company's way of doing things.
  • Starting from version 2.1 (October 2023), the module can transfer products that have been configured in Dolibarr to manage their units in batches, as well as those that are handled using unique serial numbers for each unit.
  • Starting from version 2.4 (January 2024), the module includes a few extras not directly related to stock movement between warehouses, which have been added at the request of customers who have paid for very small improvements in some parts of Dolibarr, which can OPTIONALLY be activated from the module's configuration:  

    + In the shipment card of a sale to a customer, the documents of the order it belongs to can be displayed.

How to install:

  1. Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
  2. Create the directory: /htdocs/stocktransfers into the root of Dolibarr.
    Alternative: /htdocs/custom/stocktransfers
  3. Put the content of the ZIP file into that directory
  4. On your Dolibarr panel enable the module: Setup -> Modules

How to update your installed module:

  1. Replace the content of the module's directory on your server by the new version files on the ZIP file.
  2. Got to Setup > Modules on Dolibarr and Disable module and Enable again.
  3. Visit the settings of the module ("gear" icon) and check the settings (usually there are new ones).
  4. At least make ONE SUBMIT of this settings form (then the database will take at least default values for new settings).

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