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Main function: to facilitate searching in the Dolibarr community forums (in the French, English, and German forums) from the Dolibarr internal search box. IMASDEWEB. 99% FREE.

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1,00 €

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Module Version: auto
Creator/License: IMASDEWEB / GPL-v3
User Interface Language: English / French / Spanish / German / Portuguese / Italian / Catalan
Help/Support: [email protected]


  • Minimum Dolibarr Version: auto
  • Maximum Dolibarr Version: auto


  • Go to the menu Home - Settings - Modules - Install an external module - Send the zip
  • The module or theme is then available and activatable.

99% FREE

* Note: After several months of having this module published at ZERO PRICE, I have realized that Dolistore DOES NOT ACCOUNT for the downloads of the module, nor does it provide me with contact information of the users, so the times I have had to publish a CRITICAL update, I have had no way to notify them. So I finally decided to set a symbolic price of 1 EURO.

Now that I've been developing and selling some modules on Dolistore for a few years (see list below), I came up with this "little module" VERY RELATED TO THE COMMUNITY, and I thought it would be a good idea to GIVE IT AWAY TO THE COMMUNITY as a thank you to all those fellow travelers who enrich the official forums every week with their contributions to others, trying to help others solve their problems when installing or using Dolibarr.

The module is very improvable, I look forward to comments from all those who have any constructive contribution, and I will try to integrate it as soon as possible.

In particular, I think it is very interesting to be able to test it in versions prior to Dolibarr 15. So if anyone does it and checks that everything works, please let me know so I can mention it in this module file and more users can benefit.

The idea of the module is not only to facilitate that occasionally our users (especially those who are starting to use Dolibarr) can find help in the forums. The purpose is also to PROMOTE MORE USE OF THE FORUMS. Those of us who have been in computing since the 90's know the value of forums, and I think more people should use them. Hopefully, this module will help a bit.


It would be desirable for the Spanish forum managers to migrate the forum to the Discourse software, which is already used by the forum in ENGLISH, FRENCH, and GERMAN. I say this, obviously not because it is the only one with which my module can easily connect (through a comfortable and well-made JSON format), but because those of us who move in the forums usually know that there is no other of the same quality as Discourse. The user experience is a joy. Anyway, I leave it there...

Call to use the Discourse AI plugin

 In the summer of 2023, the official Discourse team released the first version of the "Discourse AI" plugin which in particular has a functionality that I am in love with (in other software): SEMANTIC SEARCH... which really is a before and after, so that a user can find what they are looking for in an ocean of POSTS, WITHOUT NEEDING TO WRITE THE CORRECT WORDS to find the answer to their question.

I take this opportunity to request in the most kind way from the managers of the forums that use Discourse, to activate this module. I imagine that the only added cost will be that of the OpenAI API (although other models can be used, even installed locally). In the case of OpenAI, the cost of using the embeddings endpoint is RIDICULOUSLY ALMOST-ZERO: several million words semantically indexable for just ONE USD DOLLAR, that is, equivalent to 20k pages of a book. So it's very much worth activating it.

Features of this module

  1. Make this module appear in the native search dropdown of Dolibarr, which will execute the search in one of the community forums.
  2. Possibility to search ONLY in forums that use the "Discourse" software, for now the French, English, and German forums.
  3. Search results sorted by date, with the most RECENT ON TOP.
  4. Special marking for exact results, at least those containing the searched expression in the title and in the first part of the thread message.
  5. Configure the search modules in Dolibarr: from the configuration of this module you can check/uncheck the modules you want to appear in the native search dropdown of Dolibarr. Note: this functionality was not "necessary" for the main functionality of this module, but it was easy for me to implement it and it was something I had always wanted to be able to do. 


Nota: Translated using AI.

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