Dark theme IMASDEWEB 15



DARK theme for Dolibarr 15.x, created from Eldy and MD. It has also been possible to obscure the appearance of external libraries such as CKE Editor, UI Datepicker widget, etc. Even it improve the view for PRINTER in a nice grayscale palette. Optionally you can buy DARK IMASDEWEB X which is a pack multiversion (from Dolibarr 5.x).

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5,00 €

More info

Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Sergi Rodrigues (IMASDEWEB) / GPL3
Help/Support: IMASDEWEB

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

Note: if you prefer, you can buy our DARK IMASDEWEB X package that contains several themes like this, one for each major version of Dolibarr. To which I will be adding new themes when new major versions of Dolibarr appear.

Note: If you need it, you can also buy the theme for these other major versions of Dolibarr for 6€: DARK IMASDEWEB 10, DARK IMASDEWEB 11, DARK IMASDEWEB 12, DARK IMASDEWEB 13. DARK IMASDEWEB 14.


  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) on Dolistore.
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, with command unzip theme_darkimasdeweb15-15.0.zip or with an external software (you must get a new theme directory in /htdocs/theme).
  • The theme is then available and can be activated on the interface of Dolibarr (Setup -> Display -> Skin & Colors).
  • Set the ACCENT COLOR: the background color of the top menu bar
  • After Save changes, press CTRL+R or CTRL+F5 to refresh CSS file in web browser cache.

Module features:

  • The only thing you can configure in this theme, in terms of color, is the background color of the top menu. This color will be used as ACCENT COLOR for some titles, some icons, links, etc.
  • Note that in the Settings (Display option) you can set the theme by default (which will decide for example the appearance of the login page). But then each user can choose in their profile to use their own theme instead.
  • I've tried to be quite through with the colors of all the elements, but it is very likely that some element of some module has passed me. If so, send me a screenshot and the URL (without the domain) where it appears, and I will send you a corrected copy of the theme.
  • Last consideration: If any third-party module that you have installed has trouble displaying some element correctly and you want me to help you, you should send me a screenshot, the URL (without the domain) and, if possible, the module in question, so I can install it and make the necessary tests and corrections.
  • Improved eldy theme CSS generation and caching: On January'2020 i had a serious bug on some servers related with CSS being truncated by some PHP cache. So, i implemented a minor patch to styles.css.php file to avoid this problem. Even getting other benefits like gzipping by default and better caching on broser side. In this publication i expose the details.
  • Nice view for PRINTER: when you click the tiny icon in the right-top corner of Dolibarr you get a nice grayscale over white background view, optimized for print.
  • I embbeded the nice and popular type font Montserrat (open license), which improve the default sans-serif font type.