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Tema Oblyon 3.5 - 4.0



The Oblyon theme offers you a modern and user-friendly design. Directly inspired by the flat design trend, Oblyon guarantees you an accessible and efficient navigation. With a reorganization of menus and a static navigation bar with drop-downs, navigate from one page to another will never be as simple.

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Watch out, this theme is compatible only up to the version 4.0.x of Dolibarr. He does not exist this day of version of the theme for Dolibarr 5.0.x.

From Dolibarr 6.0.x, the theme became free and is available in beta version on github.


Oblyon Theme

Theme version: 4.0

License: CC BY-NC 4.0
User interface language: All

Publishers: Alexandre Spangaro (ZenDsi)
Help/Support: [email protected]

Duration of the assistance and the updates: 3 years


Options Panel
Take advantage of a proven theme and a new module to personalize and extend the possibilities.

  •  Invert menus
  •  Display your company name
  •  Modify the logo display
  •  Change/Display/Hide icons
  •  Hide/Show left menu and increase your comfort
  • Modify theme colors


  • Dolibarr version: 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9
  • Browsers: All except Internet Explorer < 10



  • Download the archive file of theme (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, with command unzip theme_oblyon-x.x.x.zip or with an external software.
  • Theme is then available and can be activated on the interface of Dolibarr. (Setup-> Display)
  • Module is available and can be activated in "Modules Setup" -> "Other Modules".


One-click install:

Activate the Oblyon configurator in the modules list. Oblyon menus and theme are selectionned automatically.


Additional information:

  • For an update, in the case you have made changes, please think about backup first before overwrite your files.


You do not see the Oblyon configurator in the modules list ? Edit the conf.php file (htdocs/conf/) and uncomment the lines:

More information



Version 4.0

  • Fixed: 4.0 Correct link to projects
  • Added: 5.0 Add editor name and link in module descriptor

Version 4.0 beta 2

  • Added: 5.0 Add menu page index for accountancy module
  • Fixed: 5.0 Menu Accountancy Better terminology
  • Added: 5.0 Add menu system tool "Files integrity checker" to detect modified files
  • Added: 5.0 Pagination available on list of users
  • Fixed: 4.0 Missing a filter billed=0 into link of billable orders
  • Added: 5.0 Menu social contribution has moved
  • Added: 5.0 HRM Area has moved
  • Fixed: 4.0 Menu closing
  • Fixed: 4.0 Correct link to propals

Version 4.0 beta 1

  • Added: Add template Oblyon Green & new options to configurate colors
  • Added: Compatibility with Dolibarr 4.0
  • Increase number version to align to Dolibarr version
  • Fixed: When the menu is inverted, search bar don't show
  • New: 4.0 Add icon external.png

Version 2.2

  • Fixed: old menu manager deletion if still exist
  • Added: jQuery modules Datatable and Select2
  • Added: Holiday module
  • Fixed: select2 plugin list display
  • Fixed: missing default logo when menu inverted
  • Fixed: missing icons in login area (Multicompany compatibility)
  • New: design of login block area (need improvment)
  • New: Dolibarr 4.0 Module Expense Report have moved into menu files
  • New: Css add badge & input for multicompany in login box
  • Fixed: Update bad link in menu Thirdparty for Dolibarr 3.9
  • New: 4.0 HRM Area has moved
  • New: 4.0 Add icon for website module
  • New: Try to make the theme more responsive

Version 2.2 RC

  • Fixed: Add new search bar for Dolibarr 3.9
  • New: Oblyon theme "forced" when oblyon module activated
  • Fixed: missing top icons with oblyon theme using eldy menu
  • Fixed: missing default logo and logo size
  • Added: user and help top icons for Dolibarr 3.9 (font-oblyon)
  • Added: printer_top.png and logout_top.png icons for Dolibarr 3.9 
  • Added: object_building, object_supplier_proposal, object_task_time and title_hrm
  • Fixed: css
  • Added: Add a button in color tab to restore default colors of Oblyon

Version 2.2 beta 3

  • Updated: About page
  • Fixed: Missing language file for accountancy module
  • Fixed: some links are modified for customers invoices in Dolibarr 3.8
  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.9-beta (HRM)
  • Added: Possibility to define maincolor & color background of the template in admin color tab
  • Fixed: Add a max-width for logo display (200px max & 180px with padding)
  • Added: helpdoc_top.png icon for Dolibarr 3.9

Version 2.2 beta 2

  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.9-beta
  • Modified: link for donation module
  • Added: tab color in admin

Version 2.2 beta 1

  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.9-beta
  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.8
  • Fixed: Replace constant $conf->global->MAIN_VERSION_LAST_UPGRADE by DOL_VERSION in Oblyon Menu
  • Added: entry in the menu for the new module expense report in hrm
  • Added: object_gravatar and object_printer images
  • Changed: Typo Dictionnary -> Dictionary

Version 2.1

  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.7
  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.5.x
  • Fixed: Menu entries for Dolibarr 3.5.x, 3.6.x and 3.7
  • Fixed: Skin of menu entries disabled 
  • Added: New option Eldy icons (v3.7)
  • Fixed: Eldy icons size
  • Updaded: ckeditor.js
  • Fixed: Login message error 
  • Changed: Login message skin available only for 3.7 and higher versions
  • Changed: Logo options shown only when logo activated
  • Added: New title images and missing images from previous versions

Version 2.0

  • Updated: New options panel 
  • Added: Invert menus option
  • Added: Pushy left menu
  • Added: Company name
  • Added: Fullsize Logo and mini logo on small devices (left menu)
  • Updated: Completely rewritten menus (OOCSS)
  • Updated: CSS code restructured and cleaned up
  • Updated: Right-to-left language ready
  • Added: Eric Meyer's Reset CSS
  • Added: New login area icons
  • Added: Transition effects
  • Fixed: Active tab background (a.tab.tabactive)
  • Fixed: Login page message
  • Added: Cursor not-allowed on input and select areas
  • Fixed: Bookmarks section links

Version 1.7

  • Updated: New license CC BY-NC 4.0

Version 1.6

  • Upgraded: Compatibility with Dolibarr 3.6 (thanks to A. Spangaro)

Version 1.5

  • Added: Define Colors Feature (see style.css.php file, section Define Colors)
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.4

  • Added: Holiday category and icons 
  • Updated: ckeditor.js
  • Updated: Images license

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed: Icons display issue (Left Menu)

Version 1.3

  • Added: Extra Cashdesk icons (oblyon/img/cashdesk)
  • Added: sort-asc and sort-desc icons
  • Added: Skype icon
  • Added: Reports module icon
  • Changed: Icons size (Left Menu)
  • Upgraded: Compatibility with DoliDroid for Dolibarr v3.5 and v3.4.x (thanks to Eldy)

Version 1.2

  • Stylized: Cashdesk module interface 
  • Removed: Message of the day style
  • Fixed: Background color for vertical menu when menus managers are different
  • Stylized: Notification area
  • Updated: Thumb Oblyon logo
  • Added: Extra weather icons (oblyon/img/weather)
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.1

  • Stylized: Message of the day
  • Removed: Navigation bar in "print" mode.
  • Simplification of the help area. 
  • Changed: helpdoc.png icon
  • Added: grip_title.png and close_title.png icons (v3.5)
  • Stylized: Statistics box (v3.5)
  • Stylized: Graphs (colors can be easily changed in graph-color.php)
  • Changed: Fonts - font-family (mostly Open Sans)
  • Added: variables in style.css.php to change fonts
  • Added: Icons Scanner, BitTorrent, Cron and "Comptabilite Expert"
  • Fixed: Icons coming from external modules are now visible 
  • Changed: Generic icon (only one now)
  • Added: Changelog
  • Fixed: Visual corrections
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed: Warning PHP message 
  • Added: Oblyon Logo 

Version 1.0

  • Initial release