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Genuine coltellino svizzero per personalizzare i vostri documenti (ordini, spedizioni, fatture LCR, fichinter, progetto, propale, ordini e fatture fornitori, contratti). Il modulo di amministrazione consente di gestire le impostazioni grafiche e numerose personali.

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Module version: 8.0.x
Updated on 30/08/2018
Publisher/Licence: Philippe GRAND / GPL
User interface language:      
Help/Support: mail à [email protected]
Prerequisites: Dolibarr 8.0.x

free updates for 6 months and then 50% discount for the following version




  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command
unzip modulefile.zip
  • You can get help from INSTALL and README files
  • The tree must be: htdocs / custom / ultimatepdf (htdocs is the root of your Dolibarr). Check within your file conf.php that the lines related to the custom folder are uncommented.
  • Module is then available and can be activated.
features :
* Rules to forge address boxes:
- Show phone, fax and email if a contact address is used
- Hide VAT intra within addresses blocks
* Rules to forge columns:
- Display the reference column
- Hide the column and the amount of VAT.
- Hide the long description in the description column.
- Hide references in the description column.
- Hide all data in the columns following the description ( VAT, Public price, Qty, Discount, Total).
- Hide amount without tax
- Hide quantities.
- Hide VAT amounts.
* miscellaneous Settings (The settings can now be done independently within proposals, orders and invoices)

- Add a dotted line between lines of products/services.

- Display folding mark at third of page

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Proposals

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Orders

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Invoices

- Do not repeat the header if there are multiple pages

- Display another logo that the company logo.

- Hide RIB part of the bank account.

- Change the height of the placeholder for free text block

- Displaying a background image on your documents.

- Show block: "Good for Agreement"

- View the signature of the representative in charge in the public block note.

- Display Thirdparty barcode within Proposals, Orders, Expeditions and Invoices.
- Display ThirdpartyQRcode within Proposals, Orders, Expeditions and Invoices.
- Display or mask LS and LR columns on expeditions.
- Add and merge one or more pdf to your proposals, Invoices or Orders.
- Add and configure a specific line using dictionaries and extrafields on your proposals, Invoices or Orders.
- Choise your bank account on invoices.


A lot of enhancements have been added since last version