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CardDAV / CalDAV / ICS synchronization 7.x - 12.x



Dolibarr module to synchronize calendars, project tasks and address book from CalDAV/CardDAV/ICS client tools such as Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning or Android DAVDroid. Dolibarr becomes a CalDAV/CardDAV server.

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CardDAV / CalDAV and ICS synchronisation. It uses included Sabre/DAV library.

You can :

  • Read and Edit Dolibarr calendars through CalDAV
  • Read and Edit Dolibarr addressBooks through CardDAV
  • Read Dolibarr calendars through ICS Full version or only Free/Busy (hide details)
  • Access Dolibarr documents through WebDAV (if admin)

Each user can access his/her contacts address book (public and own private contacts), his/her own calendar and other users calendars according to his/her rights.

Dolibarr contact informations fill personnal informations in client software cards.

Society informations (to which contact is attached) fill professional informations in client software cards.

Cards updated in client software fill only Dolibarr contacts (not Society).

It is possible to select which contacts to sync with CDAV_CONTACT_TAG configuration value in Home / Setup / Other setup. Enter a contact tag value and then only contacts with this tag will be synced (empty value for all).

Calendar records with "Status / Percentage" set to "Not applicable" are converted to events in CalDAV (VEVENT), others are converted to tasks (VTODO).

Recurring events are not handled.

Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Befox SARL / GPLv3
User interface language: English/French

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto


  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command
  • Module is then available and can be activated.