Feuille de temps



Interface permettant aux utilisateurs d'entrer rapidement le temps passé sur leurs tâches par semaine. Permet de créer un facture a partir du temps enregistré sur un projet. Rapports par utilisateur et par projet. Possibilité de configurer des favoris afin de limiter le nombre de tâche affiché Approbation des feuilles de temps par le chef d’équipe et de projet est disponible.

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Module version:2.2
Editeur/Licence: Patrick Delcroix / AGPL
Langage interface: Francais
Aide/Support: pmpdelcroix@gmail.com
Version gratuite: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dolibarr-timesheet/files/latest/download
Manuel (English):https://cloud.pmpd.eu/index.php/s/MArFKsQxCcTGxKM
FR development thread:https://www.dolibarr.fr/forum/11-suggestionsnouvelles-fonctionnalites/49379-timesheet-vue-pour-les-projets


  • Projets et taches actives

  • Utilisteurs assigné au(x) projet(s) et tâche(s)


  • Saisi des timesheet / feuillles de temps par semaine et par mois pour toute les tâches de l'utilisateur
  • Saisi des feuilles de temps possible pour les subordonnés
  • Rapport par projet et par utilisateur
  • Favori: n'affiche que certain projet / tâches ( les autre sont dans un autre onglet)
  • Approbation par le chef d’équipe et de projet
  • Creation de factures sur base du temps saisi via timesheet et Dolibarr core


Change log:

2.2.11 change log from 2.2.10

  • fix: background color missing with approval status
  • clean: total calculation improvments
  • clean: add new trads
  • clean: remove display error

2.2.10 change log from 2.2.9

  • new: line total header
  • new: add a total line every 10 task line
  • fix: in day mode, the leading 0 isn't mandatory anymore (e.g. ".1")
  • clean: use liste_title for totals
  • clean: improve total & overtime behaviour

2.2.9 change log from 2.2.7

  • new: add a super total: total of every day present on the timesheet screen
  • fix: project invoice not working
  • fix: project report (date/user/task) not working
  • clean: use oddeven instead of pair/impair as list class

2.2.7 change log from 2.2.6

  • fix: error in pgsql while generating the invoice
  • fix: link the created invoice to the project
  • fix: error in the reports pages with mysql
  • fix:ts draft not removed upon timespan change leading to days not accessible
  • clean: Invoice creation page: layout improvement

2.2.6 Change log from 2.2.3

  • new: support PostGreSQL database
  • new/fix: support custom project roles
  • new/fix: support Dolibarr 7.0.0
  • fix: behaviour of notes in the timesheet pages with favourites
  • fix: "not defied" showing instead of project name
  • fix: correction of the message when a favourite was added
  • clean: enum are not user anymore
  • clean: removal of dead code

2.2.3 Change log from 2.2.2

  • fix: trad issue
  • fix: sql error in approvals

2.2.2 Change log from 2.2

  • fix: issue with witner time (october)
  • clean: remove draft TS when changing the timespan
  • clean: overflow between the total line

2.2 Change log from 2.1.3

  • NEW: timesheet entry per month
  • NEW: add time spent for subordinates
  • fix: colation issue with latin/latin_swedish on approval page
  • fix: approval with project only
  • clean: files and classes renaming
  • clean: small date only appear for month mode

2.1.3 Change log from 2.1.2

  • fix : start and end date missing in task line
  • fix : task end/start in middle of the week wasn't taken into account

2.1.2 Change log from 2.1.1

  • fix third party not showed when note wasn't activated
  • fix: holiday time wasnot adding-up in the total lines

2.1.1 Change log from 2.0.1

  • fix: Contact email correction
  • fix: js blocked if the module was in the custom folder
  • fix: default date for report is jan 2020

2.1.1 Change log from 2.1

  • fix: Contact email correction
  • fix: js blocked if the module was in the custom folder
  • fix: default date for report is the current date not jan 2020

2.1 Change log from 2.0.1

  • fix: Submit (without pushing save before)save correctly the time for approval
  • fix:javascript error that prevented to color change upon time entry
  • fix: progress not showing up
  • fix: weeks with a 8th day
  • fix: dolibarr 6.0 compatibility
  • change:"New" button removed from the admin page,
  • change: end date showed on the admin card page

2.0.1 Change log from 2.0

  • Project approval corrected (for non admin no approval was shown)

  • PHP warning removed
  • Home timesheet box correted (was not showing the # of timesheet to approve)

2.0 Change log from 1.5.1

  • Week on two month are spliced to enable monthly approval

  • Chained approval for team & project.

  • Create invoice with ad-hoc and already defined service based on time saved.

  • Report always shows time in day and hours

  • Layout change for the setup page

  • Layout change for the favorite handling

  • Email are sent to user when a timesheet is rejected by the team leader

  • Note on task are shown as info when hoovering over the task line

  • Searchbox are available instead of dropdown list (use other core module setup).

  • More translation (ES, DE, IT, FR, US , mostly automated)

  • Note editing available for each tasks (also in the approval flow)

Change log from 1.5

  • Support dolibarr 4.0.1

  • hidden option to join file to timesheets via the setting TIMESHEET_ADD_DOCS

Change log from 1.4.3:

  • Timesheet approval by N+1,

  • Reminder (email) for to be approved timesheet possible through dolibarr planned tasks

  • admin wiew for the Approval (change a approval status outside the normal approval flow)

  • Home box with the pending timesheet to be approved

  • Blocking some weekdays (e.g week ends)

  • Holiday showed in the timesheet

  • Holiday time can be included in the timesheet totals

  • Typo correction for French.

  • Posibility to add a note

  • Compatible with dolibarr 3.9.2

Change log from 1.4.1:

  • correction of the Spanish language (thanks to vinclar)

  • possible to deactivate the dolibarr Ajax for the dropdown list for the setup page (in case of issue to add whitelist)

  • keep the whitlistmode after submit / go to date / next / previsous week

Change log from 1.4:

  • bugfix for the tasktime date in the project page

  • link to have the different whitelist behaviour (black list, and none)

  • Spanish language (google trad)

  • typo correction for French

  • support the print mode for timesheet & the report

  • show the project open to everyone on the new whitelist page

Change log from 1.3.7:

  • layout improvement: timesheet, setup page, reports

  • whitelist to show only some project/task

  • taslk column customisation

  • new task column: company, parent task

  • new report option: report all, export friendly layout

  • user report available for the N-2, N-3

Change log from 1.3.6:

  • compatible avec dolibarr 3.7

Change log from 1.3.3:

  • Works with PHP<=5.3

  • Possibility to remove the 0:00

  • Color code for already filled tasktime / new tasktime and error

  • Bux fixes in the report

  • Better date dialog

  • N+1 is able to check the user report of his N's

Install/update auto:

  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

  • go in admin tools update addons

  • select the zip and send

Install Manually:

    • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

    • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.

    • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command

unzip module_timesheet-2.1.3.zip
  • Module is then available and can be activated.

Update Manually:

    • Deactivate the module

    • remove the timesheet folder with the command

rm -fr htdocs/timesheet

    • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

    • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.

    • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command

unzip module_timesheet-2.1.3.zip

  • Module is then available and can be activated.