Allows to create tickets from messages as email. «TicketSup» module is required.

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« TicketFetcher » is an addon module for Dolibarr ERP/CRM allowing to convert messages (emails) into tickets.

So far, only email fetching utilizing the IMAP protocol is implemented into the module. At a later stage, an account fetching the tickets informations from an API could be established.

It is possible to create several accounts fetching tickets. Thus, you can define a [email protected] address so messages incoming at this mail adress will be listed in the sales category.

Requires module Hosting V2 to work.

Compatibility with Dolibarr version 6 and +.

  • Versión del Módulo: auto
  • Creador: Libr&thic
  • Licencia: GNU GPLv3
  • Idioma interfaz usuario: FR / EN
  • Ayuda/Soporte : none

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  • Versión min Dolibarr: auto
  • Versión max Dolibarr: auto

Para instalar este módulo

  • Descargar el archivo del módulo (archivo .zip) desde la web DoliStore.com
  • Ponga el archivo en el directorio raíz de Dolibarr.
  • Descomprima el zip archivo, por ejamplo usando el comando
unzip fichiermodule.zip

El módulo o tema está listo para ser activado.

Development and support.

This module is a free software. On Dolistore it is packaged without assistance or any warranty. Payed price is your contribution to Dolibarr project through the foundation and Libr&thic's activity arround the software.

For technical support or development request please visit Libr&thic website : https://librethic.io.