The module enable saving timespent on tasks in a more user friendly manner. It can also turn the saved time used on a project into an invoice favorite so the task used everyday are not among lot of other task used only once a while. The module have some basic time reporting by project and user. The module support approval flow ( team & project) for the timesheet submitted.

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Module version: 2.2
Publisher/Licence: Patrick Delcroix / AGPL
User interface language: English
Help/Support: pmpdelcroix@gmail.com
Free version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dolibarr-timesheet/files/latest/download
En development thread:https://www.dolibarr.org/forum/511-creation-of-a-new-module/25010-timesheet-module


  • Project and task activated

  • user assigned to project and task




  • Timesheet interface for all the user task per week and per month
  • Timesheet entry possible for subordinates
  • Generate report on user and on project per month
  • Favorite handling to show only some project/task at timesheet page opening (other projects/task are available on another tab)
  • Approval of the timesheets per the N+1 and project leader
  • Invoice generation from the time saved on project ( via the timesheet module or dolibarr core)

Change log:


2.2.11 change log from 2.2.10

  • fix: background color missing with approval status
  • clean: total calculation improvments
  • clean: add new trads
  • clean: remove display error
  • fix: issue when upgrading the module from <2.2.6 without deactivating the module first


2.2.10 change log from 2.2.9

  • new: line total header
  • new: add a total line every 10 task line
  • fix: in day mode, the leading 0 isn't mandatory anymore (e.g. ".1")
  • clean: use liste_title for totals
  • clean: improve total & overtime behaviour

2.2.9 change log from 2.2.7

  • new: add a super total: total of every day present on the timesheet screen
  • fix: project invoice not working
  • fix: project report (date/user/task) not working
  • clean: use oddeven instead of pair/impair as list class

2.2.7 change log from 2.2.6

  • fix: error in pgsql while generating the invoice
  • fix: link the created invoice to the project
  • fix: error in the reports pages with mysql
  • fix:ts draft not removed upon timespan change leading to days not accessible
  • clean: Invoice creation page: layout improvement

2.2.6 Change log from 2.2.3

  • new: support PostGreSQL database
  • new/fix: support custom project roles
  • new/fix: support Dolibarr 7.0.0
  • fix: behaviour of notes in the timesheet pages with favourites
  • fix: "not defied" showing instead of project name
  • fix: correction of the message when a favourite was added
  • clean: enum are not user anymore
  • clean: removal of dead code

2.2.3 Change log from 2.2.2

  • fix: trad issue
  • fix: sql error in approvals

2.2.2 Change log from 2.2

  • fix: issue with witner time (october)
  • clean: remove draft TS when changing the timespan
  • clean: overflow between the total line

2.2 Change log from 2.1.3

  • NEW: timesheet entry per month
  • NEW: add time spent for subordinates
  • fix: colation issue with latin/latin_swedish on approval page
  • fix: approval with project only
  • clean: files and classes renaming
  • clean: small date only appear for month mode

2.1.3 Change log from 2.1.2

  • fix : start and end date missing in task line
  • fix : task end/start in middle of the week wasn't taken into account

2.1.2 Change log from 2.1.1

  • fix third party not showed when note wasn't activated
  • fix: holiday time wasnot adding-up in the total lines

2.1.1 Change log from 2.0.1

  • fix: Contact email correction
  • fix: js blocked if the module was in the custom folder
  • fix: default date for report is jan 2020

2.1.1 Change log from 2.1

  • fix: Contact email correction
  • fix: js blocked if the module was in the custom folder
  • fix: default date for report is the current date not jan 2020

2.1 Change log from 2.0.1

  • fix: Submit (without pushing save before)save correctly the time for approval
  • fix:javascript error that prevented to colour change upon time entry
  • fix: progress not showing up
  • fix: weeks with a 8th day
  • fix: dolibarr 6.0 compatibility
  • change:"New" button removed from the admin page,
  • change: end date showed on the admin card page

2.0.1 Change log from 2.0

  • Project approval corrected (for non admin no approval was shown)

  • PHP warning removed
  • Home timesheet box corrected (was not showing the # of timesheet to approve)

2.0 Change log from 1.5.1

  • Week on two month are spliced to enable monthly approval

  • Chained approval for team & project.

  • Create invoice with ad-hoc and already defined service based on time saved.

  • Report always shows time in day and hours

  • Layout change for the setup page

  • Layout change for the favourite handling

  • Email are sent to user when a timesheet is rejected by the team leader

  • Note on task are shown as info when hoovering over the task line

  • Searchbox are available instead of dropdown list (use other core module setup).

  • More translation (ES, DE, IT, FR, US , mostly automated)

  • Note editing available for each tasks (also in the approval flow)

Change log from 1.5

  • Support dolibarr 4.0.1

  • hidden option to join file to timesheets via the setting TIMESHEET_ADD_DOCS

Change log from 1.4.3:

  • Timesheet approval by N+1,

  • Reminder (email) for to be approved timesheet possible through dolibarr planned tasks

  • admin wiew for the Approval (change a approval status outside the normal approval flow)

  • Home box with the pending timesheet to be approved

  • Blocking some weekdays (e.g week ends)

  • Holiday showed in the timesheet

  • Holiday time can be included in the timesheet totals

  • Typo correction for French.

  • Posibility to add a note

  • Compatible with dolibarr 3.9.2

Change log from 1.4.1:

  • correction of the Spanish language (thanks to vinclar)

  • possible to deactivate the dolibarr Ajax for the dropdown list for the setup page (in case of issue to add whitelist)

  • keep the whitlist mode after submit / go to date / next / previous week

Change log from 1.4:

  • bugfix for the tasktime date in the project page

  • link to have the different whitelist behaviour (black list, and none)

  • Spanish language (google trad)

  • typo correction for French

  • support the print mode for timesheet & the report

  • show the project open to everyone on the new whitelist page

Change log from 1.3.7:

  • layout improvement: timesheet, setup page, reports

  • whitelist to show only some project/task

  • taslk column customisation

  • new task column: company, parent task

  • new report option: report all, export friendly layout

  • user report available for the N-2, N-3

Change log from 1.3.6:

  • compatible avec dolibarr 3.7

Change log from 1.3.3:

  • Works with PHP<=5.3

  • Possibility to remove the 0:00

  • Color code for already filled tasktime / new tasktime and error

  • Bux fixes in the report

  • Better date dialogue

  • N+1 is able to check the user report of his N's


Install/update auto:

  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

  • go in admin tools update addons

  • select the zip and send

Install Manually:

  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.

  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command

unzip module_timesheet-2.2.7.zip
  • Module is then available and can be activated.

Update Manually:

    • Deactivate the module

    • remove the timesheet folder with the command

rm -fr htdocs/custom/timesheet

    • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com

    • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.

    • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command

unzip module_timesheet-2.2.zip

  • Module is then available and can be activated.