Dolibarr Premium package for Synology



This practical package will allow you to easily install and update Dolibarr on your Synology system, the premium package comes with the Extra Admin Tools module preinstalled.

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25,00 €

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Package version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Libre Expert / AGPL
User interface language: English, French
Help/Support: Contact form (FR, EN)

Available Dolibarr versions from auto up to auto

Compatible from DSM 5.0 up to 6.2, for DSM 7.0 use this product to migrate your package.

Default PHP version used : 7.2

The Premium package comes with the Extra Admin Tools module preinstalled :

This module will provide you with complementary administration tools for Dolibarr in a single package :

  • an easy module installer (to use files from the Dolistore)
  • a file manager (copy, move, delete, archive, edit, rename, view, search)
  • a backup configurator : incremental storage, report by email (works together with cron, bash and tar)
  • a Dolibarr files integrity checker (to keep an eye on modifications)
  • a Dolibarr database manager


  • Download the text file with instructions from web site
  • Follow instructions to download the package
  • Use the package with Synology's Package Center


  • Text file with instructions will be updated and new versions of Dolibarr's packages too
  • Access to new files will be available during 1000 days after your purchase