Module that provides the ability to generate a pvp in correspondence with the amount sold.It allows management of tables: price ranges or percentage discount, which change to the product price. The tables can be applied to a product category, a product to a customer category, or specifically to a customer for a product. The more products to sell, lower prices and more gains.

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Module version: 3.7 - 5
Publisher/Licence: Alexis josé Turruella Sánchez / GPL
User interface language: Español, Inglés, Frances
Help/Support: [email protected] | [email protected]

Online demo: 

Dolibarr 3.7: http://www.valecloud.com/erp-dolibarr

Dolibarr 3.9: http://dolibarr-demo.valecloud.com/3-9

Write to mails contact for view online demo.


  • Dolibarr min version: 3.7
  • Dolibarr max version: 8

Module installation:

  • Download the module file (. Zip file) from Web DoliStore.com
  • Unzip the zip module_pvplus-3.6.zip
  • Copy the contents of the htdocs folder in the root of dolibarr
  • The module or theme is ready to be activated.
  • The zip contain a pdf help document with the quick guide "ayuda.pdf"
  • The module integrates with quotes, orders and invoices; when adding a new product or service, then take the discount given the number and you get the discount price calculated by the applied table: Customer, the category of customer or product.
  • The module contains a trigger that is activated at the time of adding a product to the invoice or order. This trigger should be checked that is active in info. System-> triggers  "Interface_10_modPrecioVolumen_Precio.class.php"


PVP-PLUSS, new version del módulo pv-pluss. The module in the new version, includes:

  1. The ability to define the tables are based on: percent, or discount price.
    Define tables to categories of products.
  2. It incorporates the discount table management to product categories.


On the utility that can be found in pvp-plus:
Today it is very common to apply to customers purchasing products price customization. This helps to consolidate the old customers and bring new potential customers.
When negotiating, customer says he likes as haggling or give you better deals.
This makes you feel more confident.
This type of negotiation is mostly in the concept that if I buy more I give you a single price. In this new version the word success is off. If you buy more you get a bigger discount.
This business concept is that the module is designed for Dolibarr ERP. Create tables discount for the products, category or clients.