Eco Tax WEEE 8.0 - 19.0



Add a field to enter amount of Eco Tax WEEE of a product. Then when adding product to proposals or invoices, one or several lines are automatically added with calculated amount of EcoTax for all products you added, and will appear on proposals or invoices.

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Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: DoliCloud (Laurent Destailleur)GPL v3+
User interface language: English, French, Spanish
Help/Support: [email protected] (Dolibarr Preferred Partner). English and french only

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

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  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.