Increase the productivity of your staff, execute tasks without wasting time searching manually. This module adds valuable functionality to Dolibarr, allowing us to quickly and efficiently access transactions similar to the model used in SAP. By simply pressing the CTRL or ALT keys together with a specific letter or by typing a few letters followed by the Enter key.

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40,00 €

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Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Paul Peña / GPL-v3
User interface language: English
Help/Support: None / Forum / Mail to [email protected]

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

Supported languages: Spanish


[email protected]

To contact us:
  • Please send your requests only by email to the address : [email protected].
  • Communicate us all useful information (version of the module, version of your Dolibarr, screenshot, ...)
  • in some cases an access to your environment (Dolibarr software and/or your install) may be required.

Brief description:

You can create some transactions for continuous or repetitive use, being able to customize according to the specific needs of the company, such as:

Keyboard shortcuts:


Nuevo Ciente

New Customer


nuevos productos

New Products


Nuevos servicios

New Services


Proyectos nuevos

New Projects


Usuarios nuevos

New Users


Presupuesto para nuevos clientes

New Customer Budget


Nuevo pedido de cliente

New Customer Order


Nueva factura de cliente

New Customer Invoice






Search Shortcuts:


Usuarios Nuevo

Users New


Grupos Nuevo

Groups New


Cliente Nuevo

New client


Proveedor Nuevo

New Provider


Prospecto Nuevo

New Prospect


Contacto Nuevo

Contact New


Productos Nuevo

Products New


Servicios Nuevo

Services New




These are just some of the many available transactions that you can use with this module.


Complete list of Default Shortcuts


More details:

Here you will find all the necessary information:

To install this module:

Install (For Dolibarr v9+):

  • Go into menu Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy an external module and submit the zip file
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.

Install (For Dolibarr v8-):

  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command  unzip
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.

The purchase includes :

  • Access to module updates and some evolutions (find the details in the documentation, link above)
  • Functional correction of the module..

The purchase doesn't include :

  • Training for use
  • Help with configuring and installing the module.

-> Some modules may include these benefits, this is then mentioned in the section "Namely" see above.
-> For any additional intervention: service delivery of a technician is priced at € 175 excluding tax, for half a day, remotely.