PDF Printer: Build & Print PDFs, address & product labels, barcode, Dymo, A4, A5, 100x150 ...



  • Build and print personalized PDF documents and labels
  • All sheet sizes: A4, A5, Avery, Dymo, Datamax, label sheet, label on roll, custom, ...
  • Documents and labels: Product, Third party, Contact, Address, Warehouse, ...

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89,99 €

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  365 days of feature and security updates
  365 days of unlimited support for your questions regarding the use of the module and the resolution of technical problems related to the module
  Training and help with module installation (not included)

General informations

Update to v19+: This is a MAJOR Update which requires the creation of document templates before putting it into production
Update to v19+: Please disable and remove the StickyLabels module.
Publisher Cedric Ancelin - Ancode
Help/Support [email protected]
Website Ancode.fr  
Module version auto
Licence AGPL
Module language en fr
Dolibarr auto - auto
PHP 5.4 - 8.x
Documentation Read  


Create personalized documents (or labels) using predefined elements (Text, Paragraph, Barcode, Rectangle, Line, Address), and print them in 2 clicks from compatible pages.

  • Print documents and personalized labels from a Product list, Product card, Product batch, Manufacturing order line, Receipt line;
  • Calculated variables available: Price by Volume, Price by Weight, Price per Size, ...
  • All properties are accessible, even extrafields: Multi-Barcode, Label, Reference, Weight, Dimensions, Units, ...
Third Party & Contact/Address
  • Print documents and personalized labels from a List, a Card, a Shipment (linked addresses + sender address);
  • Dedicated “Address” element: To automatically format an address according to the country of the third party or contact;
  • All properties are accessible, even extrafields: Multi-Barcode, Address labels, Sender address labels, all third party/contact property values;
  • Print documents and personalized labels from a Card (location labels, ...);
  • All properties are accessible, even extrafields: Multi-Barcode, Address labels, all warehouse property values;


Url https://demo.dolibarr.ancode.fr
Login demo
Password demodemodemo
Module configuration https://demo.dolibarr.ancode.fr/custom/ancodepdfprinter/admin/about.php


1 Download the archive file of module (module_ancodepdfprinter-auto.zip) from website DoliStore.com
2 Install the module from the Dolibarr external module installer
3 Module is then available and can be activated

Change log

19.3.6 (2024-07-10) Fixed
  • SQL error when upgrading to 19.3.+
19.3.5 (2024-06-13) Fixed
  • Error generating a document when the module is not installed in the Dolibarr «custom» folder
19.3.4 (2024-06-12) Fixed
  • Error message «Link not defined for the class User»
19.3.3 (2024-06-07) Fixed
  • Incorrect URL on windows server
  • Document not generated when a variable does not exist
19.3.2 (2024-06-02) Fixed
  • Abnormal behavior when changing orientation of a sheet from the print form
19.3.1 (2024-04-08) Added
  • Create templates for Warehouses
  • New URL property for some variables
  • Allow the insertion of several variables and personalized texts in the barcode
  • Bug with 2D barcode dimensions
  • Bug with disabling checkboxes
  • Bug preventing the border of a rectangle from being deactivated
  • Bug preventing templates from downloading
19.3.0 (2024-04-03) Added
  • Management of templates
  • Create templates with the following blocks: text, paragraph, line, rectangle, address, barcode
  • Creation of documents for Products (+list), Manufacturing Order lines, Lots/series, Supplier order lines, Receipt lines, Shipping addresses, Third Parties (+list), Contacts (+list)
  • StickyLabels becomes Ancode PDF Printer
  • Creation of any type of document (not just labels)
  • Sheet management moved to module settings
  • Replaced tabs with a «Print» action button
  • Compatibility from Dolibarr 6 to Dolibarr 19