Add places, buildings, floors and rooms into Dolibarr ERP/CRM.

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This module adds new objects in Dolibarr ERP / CRM: places, buildings, floors and rooms.

GPS coordinates can be added to certain objects and a link can display an OpenStreetMap map.

Places and rooms can be added as a resource (to a calendar event or an intervention card).

From the room sheet, an ODT file can be generated with the list of events associated with the room.

  • Module version : auto
  • Editor : Librethic
  • Licence : GNU GPLv3
  • Language interface : FR / EN
  • Help/support : Online form



  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto


  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command

Module is then available and can be activated.

Development and support.

This module is a free software. On Dolistore it is packaged without assistance or any warranty. Payed price is your contribution to Dolibarr project through the foundation and Librethic's activity arround the software.

Source code is accessible from project's page :

For technical support or development request please visit Librethic website :