Ultimatepdf 8.0



Genuine Swiss Army Knife to customize your documents (order, shipment, invoice lcr, fichinter, project, proposal, orders and supplier invoices, contract). The administration module allows you to manage your personal graphic and numerous settings.

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Module version: 8.0.x
Updated on 07/03/2018
Publisher/Licence: Philippe GRAND / GPL
User interface language:      
Help/Support: mail à [email protected]
Prerequisites: Dolibarr 8.0.x

free updates for 1 year for the same version and then 50% discount for the following version



  • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com
  • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command
unzip modulefile.zip
  • You can get help from INSTALL and README files
  • The tree must be: htdocs / custom / ultimatepdf (htdocs is the root of your Dolibarr). Check within your file conf.php that the lines related to the custom folder are uncommented.
  • Module is then available and can be activated.

Demo : http://doliweb.com

English visitor
login : dowjohn
psw : visitor

features :
* Rules to forge address boxes:
- Show phone, fax and email if a contact address is used
- Hide VAT intra within addresses blocks
* Rules to forge columns:
- Display the reference column
- Hide the column and the amount of VAT.
- Hide the long description in the description column.
- Hide references in the description column.
- Hide all data in the columns following the description ( VAT, Public price, Qty, Discount, Total).
- Hide amount without tax
- Hide quantities.
- Hide VAT amounts.
* miscellaneous Settings (The settings can now be done independently within proposals, orders and invoices)

- Add a dotted line between lines of products/services.

- Display folding mark at third of page

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Proposals

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Orders

- Display thumbnails photos of products in your Invoices

- Do not repeat the header if there are multiple pages

- Display another logo that the company logo.

- Hide RIB part of the bank account.

- Change the height of the placeholder for free text block

- Displaying a background image on your documents.

- Show block: "Good for Agreement"

- View the signature of the representative in charge in the public block note.

- Display Thirdparty barcode within Proposals, Orders, Expeditions and Invoices.
- Display ThirdpartyQRcode within Proposals, Orders, Expeditions and Invoices.
- Display or mask LS and LR columns on expeditions.
- Add and merge one or more pdf to your proposals, Invoices or Orders.
- Add and configure a specific line using dictionaries and extrafields on your proposals, Invoices or Orders.
- Choise your bank account on invoices.


A lot of enhancements have been added since last version. You can now add the products barcode within documents lines.