CashDeskPar adds a layer of the parameterization module to the original cashdesk Dolibarr module.

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Module version: 4.1
Publisher/Licence: abbes Bahfir / AGPL
User interface language: English / French / Spanish / Arabic
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Demo :
Login and password :demo


  • Dolibarr min version: 3.8.2
  • Dolibarr max version: 5.0.1


    • Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site
    • Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
    • Uncompress the zip file, for example with command
  • move the folder clientconsts from htdocs/cashdeskpar/  to htdocs/
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.

CashDeskPar adds a layer of the parameterization module to the original cashdesk Dolibarr module. This, in order to make it evolve and to enrich it with new features without running the risk of making old functions disappear. With the  parameterization function, CashDeskPar will continue to evolve by offering even more features.

Among the adds of the Dolibarr 4.0 version:

- Isolation of user configuration from administrator configuration by providing this latter an identical user configuration page in the Cashdeskpar module configuration page in which he can hide or unhide parameters on Cashdeskpar main page.
- Moving of the "reload default parameters" button to the module configuration page.
- Integration of some important Dolibarr functions inside of Cashdeskpar folder to limit apparition of bugs due to Dolibarr evolution
- New function to limit autoselect to references only, controlled by _PRODUCT_SELECT_BY_REFS_ABB_
- New function to list autoselect products by the introduced key instead of database position and controlled by _PRODUCT_FORM_LIST_SORT_KEY_ABB_
- ...

The difference with the cashdesk module resulted in:

  • The existence of a footer parameter section  which controls all the parameters of the module and whose operation is shown in the youtube video at = SOPjVJvo3RE.
  • The button "resume selling" to refresh the page after having changed a parameter.
    The button "reload default parameters" to reset the parameters to their original values.