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Il nuovo tema "Premium Responsive Dolibarr Theme V4", dotato di display Responsive e Premium, consente di modificare completamente lo stile e i colori di Dolibarr, quindi la nuova opzione di orientamento orizzontale del menu in verticale è adatta a tutti Dispositivi informatici di diverse dimensioni: PC desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

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  • Editeur: NextGestion
  • Version du module: 14.3
  • Compatibilité: Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 15.0.*
Description & Fonctionnalités
The new theme "Premium Responsive Dolibarr Theme", equipped with Responsive and Premium display, allows you to change the style and colors of Dolibarr completely, so the new option of horizontal menu orientation in vertical, it is suitable for all Computer devices of different sizes: Desktop PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet. we have integrated professional and elegant colors, buttons and styles to make your intranet navigation easier....
La nuova versione V4 del modulo ha i seguenti aggiornamenti:
- Compatibile con l'ultima versione di Dolibarr 15.0.*
- Compatibile con la versione Multi Company Module
- Risolto errore fastidioso: protezione CSRF e token non fornito
- Caricamento rapido dei file del modulo.
If you order our module you benefit from:
- free installation and configuration assistance
- free help in case of bug or module malfunction
- the addition of new functionalities or options specifically adapted to your needs.
==> You want to develop a module on Dolibarr adapted to your business activity, send us your need or specifications by email: [email protected] our consultant will respond to your request.
    1. Télécharger le fichier archive (.zip) sur
    2. Dézipper l'archive dans le répertoire /htdocs/custom de dolibarr.
    3. Le module peut alors être activé (), paramétré () si besoin depuis la page de configuration des modules et enfin utilisé.
Démonstration Mises à jour et disponibilité Les mises à jour correctives du module seront publiées sur le dolistore.
Support We are available for any questions.
If you have a problem with the operation of the module, please give us detailed information so that we can understand and reproduce the behavior.
Email: [email protected]
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