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Packing list 7.0.x - 18.0.x



The add-on module Easya Solutions / Dolibarr "Packing list" allows to create packing lists and tracking of parcels. Shipments can be split into different packages to which assign their own carrier and tracking number in addition to successive management states. Note: It is compatible with the multi-company module.

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Easya solution

Open source for your business


Packing List


  Editor : Easya Solutions
Licence : GPL V3
Languages : French, English
Dolibarr Compatibility : from 7.0.x to auto


For its proper functioning, the module requires the installation and activation of the AdvanceDictionaries module downloadable for free on dolistore at the following address: Module AdvanceDictionaries.






The acquisition of the module via the Dolistore entitles you to a corrective maintenance for one year from the date of purchase. As such, anomalies must imperatively be reported on our incident management platform to be processed by our support team.

No usage or installation support is provided. For this you will need to acquire a time credit from our sales team.


Installation and update


Updates availability

Download the .zip archive of the module.
  • Manual deployment:Unzip the archive in the /htdocs/custom directory of your Dolibarr installation.
  • Assisted deployment:Upload the archive directly to your Dolibarr from Configuration> Modules / applications page, tab Deploy / Install an external module.

The module can then be activated (/) and configured ().

Before any installation or update, make sure that the module is officially compatible with your version of Dolibarr.


The latest versions of our modules are uploaded here on the Dolistore.

Dowloading the updates of our modules is free for 1 year from their date of purchase.