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  • Import propal lines

    With this module you can import order lines to a customer propal from a spreadsheet file in format .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .csv.

  • Multiple external websites 7.0

    Module for adding multiple external web sites for version 7.0.x (like the externalsite core module but with multiple add).

  • Dolibase Installer

    Dolibase Framework installer/uninstaller

  • eBay
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    Follow your eBay's orders with this module. Bills & payments will be automatically created at payment. You can also mark an order shipped and comment it. Orders lines can be linked to accountancy optionnaly with legacies products or on physical stocks.

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  • PrintJS

    With this module you can have a sort of "direct print" alternative : each PDF file will have a new print icon wich run download-and-file-print request in one clic...

  • KingAvis

    Send your customer opinion requests to KingAvis directly from your Dolibarr invoices

  • Dolipress 1.0

    Dolipress connects the forms created with Gravity Forms to Dolibarr API in an easy, intuitive and fast way, providing an integrated solution between the two platforms. Just select the form, associate the fields of the form to the Dolibarr fields and that's it. Each time the form is sent, the data will be securely transmitted to Dolibarr.

  • OCR - ScanInvoices

    OCR module to import supplier invoices

  • AccountingExport

    This module provides additional target formats for the export of the accounting ledger. In the current version, the accounting software Taxpool can be chosen as an additional target. You can import the data into Taxpool by choosing the exported file as an input file from within Taxpool. Column headers are chosen in a way that an auto-assignment can...

  • UID Register API

    This module allows you to connect to the Swiss UID Register when editing third parties from frontend. This module is NOT provided by the Swiss administration. Using UID Register API, you can: Quickly fill all available data using UID register on third party creation Easily update third party information if UID data are different from yours

  • Pickup

    Module dedicated to recycling center, for handling pickups

  • Librairies Prune pour modules Net Logic...

    Collection of librairies for Net Logic modules

Mostrando 13 - 24 di 178 articoli