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  • CAPM Pack + Formation 3.8 - 4.0
    CAPM Pack + Formation 3.8 - 4.0

    Dolibarr CAM Pack bring you a complete package to monitor your products...

    3 000,00 €

Factory, fabricación asistida por ordenador (CAPM/CAMM) para Dolibarr



Factory es el módulo CAM (ordenador de gestión de producto asistido) Dolibarr. Factory permite a la composición, la planificación de la fabricación y complementa la gestión global de productos Dolibarr. Determinación de la composición, fabricación directa o indirecta (órdenes de producción), en series grandes o pequeñas, interna o externa, la gestión se mueve de valores y variaciones asociadas.

Más detalles

50,40 €




Version : 1.6.2 - show the ChangeLog.
Editor/ Licence : Charlie BENKE/ GPL v3
  • Dolibarr minimum recommended version : 3.9.x
  • Dolibarr minimum supported version : 3.7.0*
  • Dolibarr maximum version : 5.0.x
* Note : Our modules are optimized for the last 3 major stable versions of Dolibarr (5.0.x, 4.0.x and 3.9.x). Their functionalities may therefore be limited if used on older versions.



  •  German
  •  English
  •  Spanish
  •  French
  •  Italian
  •  Romanian
  •  Turkish

Resources :

Support :

Contact Form (FR / EN )


Installation :
  • Download the module archive file (.zip) from the website,
  • Extract this folder in your dolibarr /htdocs/custom directory,
  • The module can then be activated (), set up () from the modules setting page and run.

More information (activating /custom directory, CoreChange , compatibility limits...) downloading the user guide (FR / EN ).

  • Availability:
    Our modules incorporate a feature that allows you to quickly identify if your environment runs their latest version and the features it includes.
  • Procedure :
    Access to the updates of our modules is free for 1000 days from their date of purchase on the Dolistore.
    Before updating, make sure that the module is officially compatible with the Dolibarr version on which you want to install it.


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Only in French at the moment :-(